13 Jul 2016

Overdue...1 second of every day of 2015

For 2015 I filmed one second of every day and cut it together into a film for you all to see :)
I got the idea from my best friend who did it for 2014. I feature a lot in her one ♡
I think I will do this again when I turn 25 and document my 25th year. However it is quite a chore to remember to do it every day but its nice to have a year long project to work on. After I had finished I found it really weird not documenting something every day so think it wouldn't be too hard to pick up the habit.

Anyway here it is:

Video a Day 2015 from Sarah O'Brien on Vimeo.

Also a blog post I forgot to post! But thought I would include here as it is reflected in the video.

Bit late in my '2015 was such a great year' post but I'm late to everything, deal with it.

I managed to stick to most of my list of 2015 new year's resolutions/aims. Let's go through the ones I managed.

Do not lose your self respect. You've learnt to listen to it, keep it apart of you
Yep did this :) Can't really go into depth or give examples but promise you I did. 

Take risks. You're doing quite well at this so far, so keep it up!
Did this a little. Nothing major like bungee jump but got out of my comfort zone a few times.

Drink more. Better things seem to happen when alcohol is involved. 
Definitely drank more! My tolerance did increase for a while too and definitely had some good nights out with friends but I'm still not that much of a drinker. Do enjoy the occasional one though ;)

Edit for fun. You wanted this to be your job, don't lose your passion for it.
I did edit for fun in my one second a day video of the year. Check it out.

Keep blogging, you like to ramble and writing has proven to help you get through things, even if everything isn't published.
Failed at this though finally trying again in month 7 of 2016 but hey ho.

Pretend to be a grown up. I'm sure you'll actually start to feel like one if you pretend for long enough.
Did not pretend. Don't feel like I'll ever be a grown up, who feels like a grown up?

Learn/Practise French. You like it and it comes in handy. 
Still no French, the words are there but no conversational skills.

Play music again. You learnt 'A Thousand Miles' in a few weeks. Imagine where you would be after a year.
I did 3 months of singing lessons so I think this counts. I also learnt 'Landslide' by Fleetwood Mac on guitar and played this for my solo.

Don't let anyone hold you back. This is finally the time for you to be you.
Yep I did this, I was very selfish last year, in a good way. Did things I wanted to do such as singing lessons and playing sport.

Go to three countries. You only made it to two last year.
I did go to three countries! Germany, Italy and the USA :)

Take more pictures. It's nice to have photographic evidence of your life.
I took loads of pictures last year. Lots of photographic evidence of 2015, its clogging up my computer.

Document everything. Keep up with the scrap book. 
I have kept things for the scrapbook, I just haven't stuck them in yet. Thinking I need a new one.

Keep running. You'll feel really guilty if you give up the fitness you've worked so hard for.
I kept running all the way through 2015. I did two 10km runs last year and ran recreationally through every season. However I have been more slack in 2016 but not stopped completely.

Bake more. Doesn't matter if the clearing up takes forever.
I made some terrible cupcakes and some really good flapjacks but did not bake enough as I would have liked. However so far in 2016 I have baked quite a bit. They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach so made a few banana loafs and biscuits for my boyfriend :)

Go out in London more. It's got so much to offer.
I did go out in London more but less tourist things and more drinking things. I know Shoreditch quite well now.

Drive and explore England. You've got the confidence and experience now to drive further. 
Did not drive around enough. Wanted to do more of this in 2016 but still haven't yet. I will be working on that.

Sort out your room. Remember you're trying to a grown up now. 
Room is still a tip :) Some things will never change.

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