11 Jul 2016

Gig trend

As mentioned in my previous post below, I am attending at least one gig per calendar month of 2016. We are over halfway through 2016 where has that time gone and over halfway through my gigs for the year!

I'm going to update you on the gigs I've been to so far:


Panic! at the Disco


Good Charlotte & All Time Low (pictured)

The Used


Simple Plan


Broken Hands


Funeral For a Friend x2

(Hours gig/best FFAF gig ever/best gig I've ever been to)

Casually Dressed and Deep in Conversation gig / FFAF last ever gig

Slam Dunk Festival - Yellowcard, Mallory Knox, Zebrahead, New Found Glory (pictured), Four Year Strong, Panic! at the Disco


The Offspring


Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

I've still got lots more to come including three for August, one for October lined up so far and two in November including one in Amsterdam! I thought I'd also cross 'gig in another country' off the list.

Only ones left to book are September and December. September is my birthday month so hoping for a really good gig then though to be honest won't be disappointed if I don't find an amazing one as I've already had some pretty amazing gigs including Funeral For A Friend and have some good ones coming up like Bastille and The Cure.

I also want to use this challenge as an opportunity to see other types of music live and not the usual bands or music genres I go for. For instance Broken Hands was a totally new band to me and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is JPop something I wouldn't usually listen to.

There is lots more to come with my live music and gig experiences this year and really looking forward to them all and documenting them all to look back on. 

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