5 Apr 2016

New Year's Resolutions

I always start my blog posts these days by saying 'Hello blog!', 'it's been so long..' etc etc. It has, we all know. This time however I'm not going to mention my lack of blogging or apologise for my absence as no one really cares so I'm just going to launch straight in!

It's a new year! Hello 2016. Although we are now 4 months in to the new year and also 4 months into my new job! But that's another story.

I'm blogging to you from my swanky new macbook pro. I'm hoping this makes me sit down and write more as it's much more portable. Writing on my blog involved having to go and sit in the study on my big iMac but now I can write when the mood takes me, like now as I'm currently writing in bed.

It seems a bit late to call this post New Year's Resolutions I hear you say! But in fact I'm giving you an update on mine.

I had a lot of new year's resolutions/life goals last year and I think they all worked out pretty well for me. I managed to take more pictures and completed my 1 second a day video of 2015. I also managed to keep up my more personal goals like realising how awesome I am etc etc.

This year I feel like my life is more on track and there's less to sort out...I think. Not entirely there yet. So this year's aim is a bit more aesthetic. It just so happens that for the first few months this year I am going to at least one gig per month. So I would like to keep up that trend!

So far I have seen:

January - Panic at the Disco!
February - Good Charlotte, All Time Low & The Used
March - Simple Plan

Coming up
April -
May - Funeral For A Friend & Slam Dunk Festival (loads of bands)
June - Offspring

As you can see April is looking very bare. Funeral for a Friend were playing in April but rescheduled their gigs for May!! Now I need a gig for April. Can anyone help me out and give me suggestions for an April gig/concert even tribute band in a pub at this rate!

I think not having a gig lined up for this month may force me to go out of my comfort zone and see an artist I wouldn't really choose to see, setting me up for a new experience.

I remember when I was either 14 or 15 I had the New Year's Resolution to go to more gigs and it was very successful so as a semi adult with more disposable income this should be a lot easier, no excuses really.

So here's to a year with more gigs!

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