3 Jan 2015

Happy New Year

Its a new year and so begins the thinking about what this new year will bring. New hopes and dreams being imagined and new goals and resolutions being written. So here is my conventional list of, promises if you like, as apposed to resolutions. As I am on a life high right now I think it's a good time to write this all down to myself, to read again when I'm at an inevitable low. Everything will be in the third person, just 'cos.

  1. Do not lose your self respect. You've learnt to listen to it, keep it apart of you.
  2. Take risks. You're doing quite well at this so far, so keep it up!
  3. Drink more. Better things seem to happen when alcohol is involved. 
  4. Edit for fun. You wanted this to be your job, don't lose your passion for it.
  5. Keep blogging, you like to ramble and writing has proven to help you get through things, even if everything isn't published.
  6. Pretend to be a grown up. I'm sure you'll actually start to feel like one if you pretend for long enough.
  7. Learn/Practise French. You like it and it comes in handy. 
  8. Play music again. You learnt 'A Thousand Miles' in a few weeks. Imagine where you would be after a year.
  9. Don't let anyone hold you back. This is finally the time for you to be you.
  10. Go to three countries. You only made it to two last year.
  11. Take more pictures. It's nice to have photographic evidence of your life.
  12. Document everything. Keep up with the scrap book. 
  13. Keep running. You'll feel really guilty if you give up the fitness you've worked so hard for.
  14. Bake more. Doesn't matter if the clearing up takes forever.
  15. Go out in London more. It's got so much to offer.
  16. Drive and explore England. You've got the confidence and experience now to drive further. 
  17. Sort out your room. Remember you're trying to a grown up now. 
I can't think of anymore at the moment and I think I've been deep for far too long now. I think I should go watch some reality TV to balance it out. I'm not giving up my trashy TV. 

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