14 Dec 2014

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas..

Dear Readers,

For Christmas this year I would like….

Actually nothing because I have finally got everything I want!

I have a job! I have finally become a working girl (not the night time kind). I'm a full fledged tax payer, over worked member of society. Though not quite overworked as I have only just started. I've got my first job working towards a career. I am now a Marketing, Web and Social Media Assistant. I have a work email, telephone number and letter head title :) It's looking pretty good so far. Coming in right before Christmas is easing me in. Though not so much as I will be the only one in the office working over Christmas :| At least it will be nice and quiet. I will see how that goes! It's a nice social time of year to be joining so I am going on a few outings with colleagues to get to know them a bit better.

Other things in my life also seem to be going well and finally getting back on track. I haven't told you yet blogosphere but I am now a single lady. The boy didn't know what he had, treated me like shit and left me. He did me a massive favour. With the help of my fabulous, amazing friends it did not take me long to realise how much he held me back, that I accepted things that I shouldn't. I thought the relationship was the best it could be and what I deserved. Love is blind. It really is. What I deserve is someone who is proud to be with me, not push me away, keep me at arms length and throw away everything I did for him at the drop of a hat. As the Spice Girls say "If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends" and that is a mantra I should have listened to from the start. The end of this chapter has actually opened up so many more possibilities for me. I've gotten back in touch with old friends, hanging out with the girls more and going to different places. Went back to Brighton and saw some friends and behaved like a tourist on the beach and the pier.

Also been on some winter walks in Epping Forest. 

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger and I believe that. Heartbreak is hard, I never expected it to be so painful but I came through it and I am far stronger for it. I will not be a push over again and I know what I want. I'm not writing off the good times that we had and the good experiences I had with him but it feels tainted now with the way he treated me in the end. I can't remember those times for a while. I've learnt a lot from this relationship. Later on I can look back on the good things with a fondness because for two and a half years he was a big part of my life but for now I am moving on.

As it is Christmas everybody is getting in the spirit and friendly mood. I'm sure there are lots of boys out there happy to kiss me under the mistletoe and at midnight on New Years Eve. I may already have one or two lined up ;)

To get into the mood I have decided to change my hair. Blonde highlights do not suit winter. I've gone for a mahogany colour. It looks rather red in the light though :)

So as you can see everything is different. Everything is changing and so far it looks like its changing for the better. Looking forward to see what 2015 will bring.


  1. Love this post! So proud of you hun your a strong little lady and deserve only the best in all areas of life. Ill be right there with yah ;) see you tonight for some girly and maybe also..some guy fun ;) haha. EXCITED!!! xxx