30 Sep 2014

Hello. Salut.

Hello blogosphere. I have not posted for almost six months! Although this past year I haven't been regularly posting. I recently read a book about a blogger and it made me miss it terribly. I was also jealous of this fictitious persons impressive number of reads and followers. Although it was more than that. It made me miss reaching out to the internet and receiving comments from like minded individuals. For instance my last blog post in April about being an unemployed graduate received nice genuine comments about people in the same position who know what it's like. I also find blogging therapeutic as it gets everything off your chest. Therefore I am going to start up again. I will try to blog at least once a month. I know this isn't often but considering my last track record, I would say that it is more achievable.

So I start again with Hello. Salut. This is partially due to the fact that that song is in my head. You know the YouTube sensation that's years old. Also because I purchased a beautiful gold iPhone 5s recently which beamed to life with Hola, Hello, Bonjour etc. I'm in love with it. Although an owner of every other Apple product I had yet to be an iPhone owner. Now the day is here and its great. Best phone I've had yet.

Could also say the French greeting, Salut, is also due to the fact that over the summer I have been refreshing my conversational French with an Algerian colleague at work. I got fairly good at one point but then got lazy and began switching to English in conversation more than French. However I am starting it up again. He is also now assigning me homework where I have to learn five new words a week and then bring them up in conversation the following week.

Don't think when I say work I mean a new job. Unfortunately I am still not good enough for anyone in the media industry (and any other) but have got permanent hours at my library so I must be doing something right somewhere.

One new surprising thing about my life is that I have taken up running. I'm not a proper runner in that I go three times a week, rushing past everyone, in all the gear, showing off with a high pony tail and expensive Adidas headband. My running is more leisurely jog whilst looking so red that I may as well of been sprinting, in one of my oversize man tees and chaffing phone arm band, twice a week if I'm lucky. However it is still exercise and still counts as running. I even did a 5km fun run in July, 'Race for Life' for breast cancer. It was excruciatingly hot but a good run once it was over. Since then I haven't been as committed to running and training so decided to sign up for a 10km in February! Although not officially signed up I will be soon. It will give me the opportunity to keep at it and not go too crazy over Christmas.

I also got older. I am now 23 *cries*
I think thats quite enough information for now.

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