23 Apr 2014

Not on my own

It's very hard applying for job after job. It's demotivating, demoralising and just depressing really. It's hard to explain how it feels especially when you don't really know anyone in the same position. However I met someone at work the other day, another casual worker who was in exactly the same boat.

It lifted my spirits to rant to him and for him to moan to me about how rubbish everything is. To be completely bleak and not have someone chime in "it's not so bad!'. We went over the lines people feed you when you're feeling down, that university wasn't a waste of time etc etc. Obviously it was as I'm abbreviating words!

So glad that I met him. The male version of me. Struggling for work and striving for many hours in our casual jobs to just get by/scrounge enough for a mini trip away as we like to travel. Might as well have something to look forward to eh?

It's strange but connected instantly just from being graduates looking for work. Hope to work with him again but as casuals with zero hour contracts you never know where we'll be.


  1. thanks for your sharing, I appreciate this. keep up the good work:)

  2. tq for sharing, anyway i ever in your situation when im first graduated from university, but trust me the day will come, where u are among the success people. Good Luck!


  3. The application process really is demoralizing.