7 Apr 2014


Its the spring which means for me that its time to book a holiday, providing I can afford it. After buying a car and paying for new drivers insurance the budget is tight. However using some of my savings and vowing not to go out again until June, I have booked a holiday!

To celebrate Raji, my fellow Cinderella and partner in crime, finishing university and joining the path to freedom and unemployment we're going to Milan. Classy, chic, sunny, lovely, Italian Milan.

We're going to behave very chilled like the Italians and not go gunzo like we did in Paris. This is a holiday after all. We're going to relax, take one thing at a time and enjoy Italian life. We're renting an apartment which means we will try our hand at Italian cooking and enjoy lazy mornings with pastries. We may have an excursion to Lake Camo or Garda which will be a nice tranquil day on a boat surrounded by beautiful scenery. We'll take in the history and art of the city visiting the infamous Last Supper and Duomo as well as other galleries and churches. We might go to the home of Inter and AC Milan and do a tour of the stadium. But most importantly, we're going to eating stunning tasty food and shop until we drop. Milan is the fashion capitol of the world (not forgetting Paris of source) an we shall hopefully come back looking very chic.

I've never been to Italy and I'm really looking forward to it. I will have to get practising though as all I know how to say is "What's your name?" "My name is…" as well as the obvious Ciao Bella, Grazi, Bonjourno and Si.

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