2 Mar 2014


I passed my driving test!!!!!!

It is the most amazing feeling, I wish I could bottle it!

I'll start from the beginning. I had my first driving lesson on 24th August 2013. I had never moved a car before. I started off having two lessons a week to try and get the hang of the controls and the core of driving really. On 18th November I took my theory test and passed! After this I went down to one lesson a week until January where I started having two lessons a week as I booked my practical test for 6 weeks time! I really pushed through to get ready for my test and in the last two weeks had quite a few lessons. 

The week of my test the nerves started to kick in. My test was on the Friday 21st February and no one knew apart from my instructor though most of my friends and family knew it was soon. My driving got progressively worse from Monday to Wednesday, my last proper lesson before the test, where I drove terribly. The nerves had arrived and I had let them take over. I kept thinking that maybe I'd got all of them out then and I wouldn't be like that for the test. I couldn't get driving out of my head after that but my double shift at work the day before definitely helped take my mind off it. 

I managed to sleep the night before perfectly fine though I had dreams about failing. I woke up annoyingly early due to nerves but distracted myself in the hours leading up to the test with some television, a long shower, and a lot of motivational music. I took my time to get ready and actually made an effort for a change. I had to walk to the test centre instead of being picked up as my instructor had a test before mine and it would give me some more driving time. It was a nice day out and with my iPod in and my motivational music playing I actually had a positive outlook and kept thinking this is the day I pass. 

I got there at half past twelve for the 'lesson' before my test, though this is only a warm up really. I had to drop the student before me home and she told me she had passed. This was good and bad for me. I said "Congratulations!" then to my instructor "This is the day of passes!" through a very fake nervous smile. She told me that she had been so nervous and had a few mistakes but he still passed her which gave me some more confidence. This was the first test for both of us, we had had a similar number of lessons and were of a similar age. I thought there could be hope for me.

As soon as I moved the car however my positive attitude wore off and the nerves hit. My hands were all over the place changing the gears, I'd already started sweating and had the window right down (I did say it was a nice day). After I dropped the newly passed girl home my instructor told me to calm down, I've done all I can do for this day, I'm prepared and I should go for it, whatever happens happens. 

So after about fifteen minutes of driving and learning how to do an emergency stop we headed back to the test centre for my test at 1:40 pm. 

Things started off bad. All the things I said I wasn't going to do, I did them. I drove whilst holding my breath, myself rigid and gripping the steering wheel. I tried and failed to make small talk. The manoeuvre was right at the beginning of the test and this surprised and frightened me. I wasn't ready! I definitely wasn't ready to do reverse round the corner

I attempted and it went horribly wrong. The nerves took over my body and I was shaking, talking 500 words a minute, sweating, getting horrible flustered. I even commented and said "You must think I'm such a mess" to which he replied "I see it all the time don't you worry." So I was messing it up and he was about to intervene when I said "No! Don't help me!". On your driving test if the examiner has to intervene or help you you've probably/pretty much failed. I knew you got a second chance at the manoeuvre if you didn't complete it so I got myself together, talked to myself while I was doing it about what I was doing and did it. I probably didn't do it perfectly but I did it quite good. Then I carried on the test thinking I'd failed so all the nerves went out the window and I drove like I usually would. I started chatting to the nice and friendly examiner, I talked to myself about what I was doing and we had a smooth ride for the remainder of the test.

Back at the test centre I parked the car and stared ahead as he filled in his paperwork. He then asked for my licence and my eyebrows went up. Asking for your licence is usually good news but I didn't want to jump the gun. As I handed it over I saw him filling out the pass certificate and I still couldn't believe it. By this point my instructor had come over and was peeking through the window at me with a big grin on his face, as he too could see the examiner filling out the pass certificate.

I can't remember if he'd said I'd passed. He probably did but it's vanished from my memory, all I remember doing is saying 'Thank you!' "Thank you so much!'. He got out the car and took my provisional licence with him, saying my licence will be with me in a couple of days. 

When he was safe and in the distance my instructor told me to get out of the car. I was calm until I stepped out that door. I started screaming "Ahhhhh!!" "Oh my God!!!!" "Ahhh!" with the biggest grin on my face that I think I've ever had. I could not stop smiling! I hugged my instructor and he took a picture of me. I kept thinking this picture is going to look awful but I'm just so happy I don't care!

After I got back into the car I called my mum and dad and they both screamed down the phone! They were so happy and surprised because they didn't have any clue I had my test! They said I hid it so well and were very happy for me. I sent a snap chat to my friends of the certificate and my boyfriend called "Oh my God did you pass your driving test" and then "Ahhh!" as well. I then called my best friend and she congratulated me also. 

I wish the feeling could last forever. Its amazing. I've got my own car now and I have been driving around a little in that. It was weird at first just me on my own but I'm starting to get used to it. The real learning comes now and it is rather scary out there on the road but hopefully with experience I'll be a good driver.