23 Mar 2014

Sports Writer

It looks like I've managed to get a toe if not nearly a foot in the door! I've been applying to quite a lot of things and saw there was an internship for sports journalism at a website called FTBPro.com. I didn't actually manage to get the one advertised but I got a call back. They said they liked my articles and wondered if I would like to join their Academy Program. Its similar to the internship in that I work from home writing articles about the Premier League and upload them to the website and I could be in with the chance to go on interviews and have my articles shared further on sites such as Huffington Post.

For that to happen though I need to get lots and lots of views and shares and comments. So please fellow readers, have a read of my articles about the Premier League, share them with your friends and leave a comment or two. As you know I'm a Gooner so some of my articles will be about Arsenal but I will be writing about other teams as well.

Here's my latest one on Arsene Wenger's 1000th game and whether he's still the right man for the job as manger.


Follow my profile on FTBpro but I will also post my articles to my blog when I've published them :)

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