4 Jan 2014

New Year

Hello all,

My lack of posting is unfortunetly not a sign of great times. What I've mainly been doing is what most graduates do in the months following the summer after graduation, working their part time summer job and hoping for their dream job to come up. I've been picking up some more hours at the library whilst looking for something that I want to do as my full time day job. I've had some hope but nothing has come out of my search yet. I wish that the time I have had spare has been spent doing cool things such as the remnants of my summer list. Unfortunetly again this is not the case. I don't know what's happened but it appears that in trying to not grow up I effectively have and also ended up in sort of a rut. 

So I'm going to be a cliche and say that in the new year things are going to change. I know what you're thinking, most resolutions don't even last until the end of January. I'd like to think I'm the exception though.

I don't really like to call them resolutions. I much prefer changes or things on my to do list. I do this other times during the year, ignoring the massive optimistic summer one, and usually seem to follow through with them. 

For instance:
Getting fitter and slimmer for a wedding I attended last summer.
Watching more independent films after studying them in A level Media.
Sticking to my resolution of going to more gigs and seeing a number of bands in 2007.
Going on a 'man mission' and ending up with the best boyfriend.

Of course these are the very few successes in the many ideas that I have which often begin with 'I'll start on Monday' or tomorrow but tomorrow never comes.

However 2014 needs to see a few things different about Sarah, not immediately but eventually.

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