22 Jan 2014

Behaving like an actual 22 year old

I've been sticking to one of my resolutions of 2014 and that is to go out more. As a result I don't have a lot of money and seeing as my hours have been sufficiently cut down it probably isn't going to last but I've had fun in my short stint.

In the last few weeks I've been out every other night. The first week of January saw belated anniversary celebrations. This included a trip to Holborn's Spaghetti House. The food was lovely though some of the service could have been slightly improved. Apparently we weren't good enough customers to sit in a certain area of the restaurant. The host having realised his mistake twenty minutes later tried to make up for it by being extra pleasant and bringing our meal instead of our lovely polite waiter. I let it slide but I know that Americans wouldn't put up with the service that us British people always do.

Having always wanted to go to the Haagen-Dazs restaurant in Leicester Square, we skipped desert at the Spaghetti house. They had a lot of lovely choices and following our starter and main I'm sure would have been just as good. However we walked off our dinner in search of some infamous ice cream.

There has always been a really long queue every time I have tried to go to Haagen-Dazs but being as it is January and it was a week day we walked straight in. It was difficult to choose from all the scrummy options in the fancy book menu but went for classic waffles and ice cream. I had waffles in butterscotch sauce with dulce leche and praline ice cream. It was a-ma-zing. It was a big portion as well and I unfortunately couldn't finish all of it but I had a really good go!

Although I had been at work that day and was feeling rather tired after all that food, instead of going home which old 2013 me would have done, I carried on the evening. I soldiered on through the pooring rain and went to Namco Station on the south bank. Being the wet, cold, drab January evening that it was, Namco was also very quite which was great as we got to jump straight on the bumper cars! £3 a go is a bit steep considering it is a small bumper car track but it was a one off. It was worth it too, apart from the bruises and lumps that came up the next day. After our few goes, everyone else enjoying the arcade games decided to go on the bumper cars too, so we drummed up a bit of business for them.

A couple of arcade games later it was time to go so we headed home in the rain whilst I took pictures of rainy London for my Instagram.

Shattered I fell into bed that evening realising you can actually do a lot with 24 hours in one day.

The week continued with me venturing outdoors. Thursday saw me at O2 Brixton Academy seeing The 1975 with Skye my friend from university. She is now my gig buddy and we vow to see each other at least once a month if we can as we live quite a distance apart. Having met her at Victoria I was behaving like a tourist again at Buckingham Palace.

The band were really good though the gig wasn't quite what I expected. I'd never been to a bopping alternative gig before. Me being the metal/emo head that I am, I'm used to going slightly mental at music concerts. Although I did go a bit mental during the encore for the song Chocolate, it is a favourite of mine and I listened to it/sang it a lot whilst writing my dissertation, dreaming of the summer that would eventually come and signify the end of uni. I am a lover of many music genres though only tend to go to rock concerts with some exceptions but now I am venturing out to various other music concerts e.g. I saw Boyzone in December after seeing them in 1997 at Party in the Park.

Last major outing of the week was farewell drinks to a colleague and friend at the library. This was good and we plan to do it again soon. I've also recently been out with other colleagues at Arsenal to belatedly celebrate the new year.

So you see I can behave young and carefree if I really try.

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