7 Oct 2013

Autumn is here

With the nights drawing in and the drastic shift in temperature, I think its safe to say that summer is over. I didn't manage to complete all the things of my list but I did quite a few. I have been working at the library which means that when I come in I don't want to do an awful lot other than chill out which meant a lot of my little projects got missed out. However I am going to keep up with my list and try and complete it in the next coming months! It gives me a goal and something to do in my spare time.

I can say though that I have completed a couple more points on the to-do list.

30. Add 500 songs to my iTunes library. From singles here and there to alums and discographies, I've added plenty of new music to expand my musical horizon.

39. Blog more. I have started to blog more and I plan on keeping it up.

41. Find and perfect my signature dish. Which is macaroni cheese

43. Fill up my scrapbook. It was very backdated so I filled it up with all my concert tickets and momentoes from the last year but still have to fill up all my things from over the summer.

48. Start driving lessons. I have started my driving lessons. I've had ten lessons and I am studying for my theory test.

50. See a show with Andy Bear. Andy and I went to see Avenue Q. This was my third time in seeing the musical but I loved it. The show is traveling around the country and just so happened to come to our local theatre for five days so we popped down to see it.

I will continue with the list and hopefully I can say that by Christmas I will have done a lot more. It feels pitiful that I've only done 12 out of 50 but it was still nice to have something to work towards. A lot of my points are little self projects that will take some time such as my musical ones, reading and filming. With the weather as it is I probably won't be going to Alton Towers, having a picnic in the park, playing tennis or swimming in the sea any time soon but I can definitely do some indoorsy ones like going to two comedy clubs. I've booked the tickets to two! I just haven't actually gone.

I'm making up all these excuses. I feel like a failure but instead of a summer list its a life list.

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