8 Sep 2013

Summer To Do List Completes: 8, 40 & 42

8. Behave like a tourist in London. 

42. Go to the National Art Gallery. 

I wanted to go to the national art gallery as it was the only gallery in London that I hadn't been to. So with that in mind I decided to venture out to the city as a tourist, first stop, National Art Gallery.

I went with my art and gallery expert/curator in the making friend Raji. She took me around the gallery showing me the best works of art and the correct way to look at them and appreciate them. She also pointed out the room they filmed in for SkyFall but lacked the knowledge of filming locations for St. Trinian's. 

I'm not the greatest lover of art but I do like looking at the famous paintings and anything that will wow me. I thought the gallery was good though there was a lot of religious paintings and fewer paintings for impressionists which I like the most.

The next part of our tourist day took us to lunch at Planet Hollywood, followed by M&M world, Leicester square and Piccadilly Circus.

People often say that when you live on top of something you don't get to see it the way tourists do. I thought that would be the case with me and London but when I looked at things to do for my tourist day I came to realise that I had done and seen a lot of London. Although this made my tourist day a bit short it made me proud that I have seen and experienced a lot of this great city and will continue to do so :)

40. Take more pictures of everything. 

Also you may have noticed that I have started taking more pictures of everything. Not only on my tourist day but indeed everything. From food and drinks, to more pictures of people and places etc. Whilst in Canada I took over 650 photographs. I can say that I have thoroughly completed this on my to do list and I will continue to do so.

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