8 Sep 2013

Summer To Do List Completes 1 & 44

My first point on the list got changed slightly: 1. Go on three holidays in Europe.

Instead of going on another two holidays in Europe, I opted for one big holiday in Canada! So although it is not technically completed I believe I aimed higher therefore over achieved my holiday goal!

I am very lucky to have a large and lovely family in Canada that live in various parts of the country. This gave me the opportunity to travel a little within the country. I managed to visit three places in three different provinces. My trip:

Vancouver, British Columbia 5 days
Winnipeg, Manitoba 5 days
Edmonton, Alberta  5 days
Vancouver, British Columbia 10 days 

It was a rather amazing trip and also a solo trip. It wasn't entirely solo of course as I was staying with my family and didn't spend too much time on my own but I did plan the trip myself and travelled around as a single passenger. 

Although I feared it may be scary and lonely it was great. It is obviously nice to share the experience with someone but I enjoyed having the view to myself in the window seat, taking in the breath taking views as we flew over the Rocky Mountains. Spending hours daydreaming whilst listening to my iPod. Gazing at the planes taking off and marvelling at physics. 

Most of all I enjoyed chatting to strangers. When you travel solo you meet lots of different people from different walks of life all excited and happy to share what brought them on this journey and to that country. Other solo's are the most talkative/interesting but couples are also intrigued as to what's going on with you all on your lonesome and happy to chat to you and keep you company in this somewhat daunting experience. 

I flew a lot as the places I was traveling to were great distances apart but I enjoyed the flying :) it's like getting a train on your own with just more hassle before you travel. 

Enough of traveling though let's get to the good part.

Canada was fantastic. I can't believe this was the 4th time I've been to the country. I am a very lucky girl. This time I got to stay in Vancouver, which I had only traveled through before, as my cousins moved there from Vancouver island. Though I still spent a weekend on the island, after 9 years it looked even more beautiful than I remembered. Although I did appreciate it as a child, as an adult I appreciated it so much more. It was also my first visit to Winnipeg as my cousin who lives there managed to meet my family and I in Edmonton on our previous trip which leads me to say that I was returning to Edmonton after 11 years.

Each city was very different from each other. I liked all the places and experienced the different things each one has to offer but I have to admit that Vancouver is my favourite, the mountains win my vote.

Vancouver is such a pretty place with the mountains and forestry. The city itself is cool too. There is a lot going on and has quite. A big downtown area. Winnipeg is a quaint little town with a nice friendly community feel, felt very Canadian but that could be because my cousin gave me the full Canadian experience ( i.e. eating poutine, going to a CFL game etc). Edmonton is in between the two cities, not geographically but the way it is. It has quite a big downtown are but is not as big as Vancouver the surrounding of the city is quite suburban and small town like Winnipeg. I spent Canada Day in Edmonton and had a really good time seeing a wonderful fireworks display. 

All in all I had a great trip meeting and hanging out with my cousins kids, spending time with my with my aunts, my uncle and most of all catching up with my cousins who I hadn't seen for so long, hanging out as grown ups :)

Here are some snaps:

44. Walk through a forest. 

I love forests and managed to walk through a few in Vancouver and Edmonton. My favourite time was walking through a forest on Vancouver Island. I walked back through the forest in pitch black and it was fun, felt like the beginning of a horror movie :)

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  1. Sounds like you had a fantastic trip ! :) glad you had fun!! looks beautiful there xxx