19 Aug 2013

Summer To Do List Completes: 9

9. Have a short break in England. 

My boyfriend and I went for a weekend away to Birmingham. "Birmingham?" I hear you say in a questionable way. The main reason, rather the sole reason for our trip to Birmingham was to visit Cadbury World, a place I've always wanted to go. Cadbury world is the chocolate factory/headquarters for Cadbury's chocolate, the most notorious being Dairy Milk. It is the home of British chocolate. Bournville, the village which is home to the main factory, actually smells like chocolate. I stepped off the train and couldn't believe that I could smell Dairy Milk. It was like a trail, follow the scent to the pot of chocolate at the end.

The trip to Cadbury World was a fun afternoon. I enjoyed the experience and had a good time marveling at the different stages of production. However I was expecting a little more. Maybe my expectations were set a little high thinking I would be going on a similar adventure taken by Augustus Gloop, Violet Beauregarde, Mike Teavee, Varuca Salt and of course Charlie.

The shop at the end was a little disappointing too. I was expecting a lot of factory chocolate that wasn't available at normal shops but the selection was very little and expensive. The usual chocolate was also average price, no factory mishap cheap deals. However I did get a treat as my boyfriend bought me 1kg bar of Dairy Milk, dug out from the back so it wasn't broken :) The bar was lovely, I finished it rather hastily in just a week but had a very good time doing so.

Birmingham itself is a nice place. It's quite an urban city which I did not expect. Much cleaner than London populated by much nicer people. I had the best Thai food I'd ever had at a restaurant called Thai Edge. I think I would just go back for the spring rolls and green curry. Being a university city you would expect good night life and I can say Birmingham does not disappoint on a night out. Amongst all the other pubs and clubs around the city there is a 'strip', a road packed out with pubs and clubs next to one another leaving you to take your pick. The local wetherspoons near our hotel, away from the strip, was thriving a loud with a dance floor. If thats the wetherspoons, imagine what everywhere else is like.

Going away in the UK was nice and would like to consider it again instead of always going abroad.

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