19 Aug 2013

Summer To Do List Completes: 1 & 42

1. Go on three holidays in Europe.

Holiday number one. 

I wanted to make the most out of my time after finishing university so the thing I wanted to do the most was travel. I was spoilt as a child in that I got to go on some great holidays with my parents and caught the travel bug. Nowadays any bit of extra money that comes my way goes straight in the holiday fund ready for my next adventure. 

After a stressful few months I really needed to chill out and relax, so a beach holiday was the way to go.

My friend Jennie and I went for a week away to a place called Tossa De Mar on the Costa Brava coast of Spain. It was our first trip away together which is an adventure in itself. Jennie goes to university in Sheffield, very far away from me, so I don't get to see her very often so this holiday was a great chance to spend some time with each other. 

Our holiday package was all inclusive which meant unlimited food and drink which means we totally vegged out for the entire week! The weather was a bit hit and miss as it wasn't the peak summer season yet meaning we spent more time in our room than we had planned and ended up sleeping. I've never slept so much in my life but it was great :D. Mid morning nap, afternoon nap, evening nap, and bed time. I felt like I should feel guilty for it, that I wasn't maximising my time in sunny/cloudy quiet Tossa but I very much enjoyed it.

Tossa itself was a little to on the quiet side for what Jennie and I were hoping for but we still had a good time. We wandered around the small cobbled streets and around the historic castle. We also took a day trip to Barcelona.

Barcelona was the opposite of Tossa. A vibrant cosmopolitan town with the spicy Spanish culture and a relaxing sunny beach side. It felt like a tropical Paris therefore I liked it. A bus tour of the city was just what we needed to take a glimpse at everything but I would like to go back again for a few days to explore the city further. 

Tossa De Mar was a nice little place and I can't fault the hotel but I would like a town that is a bit bigger and a bit louder. The next town over, a twenty minute drive through the mountains, was more our thing. A vibrant small place with bigger beaches, lots of places to eat and drink and a few more people out and about. Bit if quiet is what you like I would recommend Tossa.

42. Wear a bikini. 

I did it! Felt a bit uncomfortable and its not my first choice of swimwear but I did wear it properly for a day so yay!

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