6 Aug 2013


I can happily say that I have officially graduated! Three years of hard work has paid off and I graduated with a 2:1 BA (Hons) Media Studies degree. I have a degree! I attended my graduation on 22nd July at the Brighton Dome.

It was a nice albeit extremely hot day. I attended the ceremony in a gown and a dress that miraculously was the same colour as the trim on my robes! What are the chances?! Was meant to be! Here are some snaps from the day. I apologise that I may appear rather hot and flustered as it was 30+ degrees Celsius and I was wearing a big polyester robe and tight hat which gave me hat hair!

Got some official ones on their way in the post which may appear on a few mantel pieces soon.

I wasn't all that keen on going to graduation in the end but I've now come to embrace it, its an achievement and one I'll never make again in my life.

It's been a while since I posted, the last time I had just finished university meaning that graduating is the icing on the cake really. So what is next?

Well there's been a reason I've not posted and that's because I've been busy working through my summer 'To Do/Bucket' List. I've been away and doing various other things. I will go into detail in the various posts that will follow in the coming weeks. So for now I am enjoying my summer and starting to search the grape vine for possible job opportunities. Eek! Scary but we'll see what happens.

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