19 May 2013

I've Finished Uni :D

It's finally over! To quote my Dad I've spent "16 years of education leading up to this moment," so it's quite surreal to finish actually.

When you finish school you all sign each others shirts, there's a prom, the teachers wish you well for the future and there's lots of crying and laughing like "I can't believe this is the end?!". But it's not really is it? It's all a little bit over the top, especially if you're carrying on at that establishment for sixth form/college, which I did.

When you finish sixth form you are relieved! You've had enough of formal education and whether you are going to university or going to work, you cannot wait to leave and start something new. There's another prom, the teachers have had enough of you and want you to go, hoping it's the last they see of you and that you don't need to repeat. The tears, joy and relief come the day you actually get your A level results where you find out whether you can go to the university of your choice or not.

So you can see there is a bit of drama to finish school and sixth form. There is a lot of drama to finishing university but I'm not feeling it yet. As you all take different degrees from one another and modules within those degrees, everyone finishes at different times. A lot of my Facebook friends had finished before me but I am the first one to finish out of my friends. Some of my course friends don't finish until next Friday or two weeks from now! And my boyfriend Andy who goes to a different university, doing a different degree, also finishes Friday.

My degree finished with handing in my last two pieces of coursework. That was it, nothing else happened. You either hand in your last coursework or write your last exam and thats it, finished. Two months later you get your results and you have your graduation ceremony. Until then you're in limbo.

So until then I am trying to find ways to celebrate by myself but I just don't know what to do! It feels strange that the last few months have been a constant mission to get this done, get that submitted, read this, redraft that and now that its all stopped, completely come to a halt, I'm slightly dumbfounded with all this free time!

There is still a lot to come in terms of celebrating. I will be celebrating with my Brighton friends, my friends in London (including one long celebration of a holiday) and Andy and of course there is graduation still to come in July!

I've had fun celebrating with Mum and Dad though and know it means a lot to them to see me finish university with a degree. I don't know what the mark of that will be. I don't have high hopes but I know that I really did try my hardest this year and if that isn't good enough well then it isn't, if I've passed then I've managed to pass which in itself is an achievement.

Until graduation I'm going to relax for a bit, work at my part time jobs and travel. Then of course I have to be a proper grown up and get a full time job! I think I need to find my feet first though. I hope people understand this need, I don't know what to say anymore when people ask me what I do. The answer is not 'Student' anymore, it's not technically 'Graduate' as I haven't yet graduated and its not Steward, Liberian or Exam Invigilator either really. A one word answer will turn into a paragraph sentence.

At the moment my future is a bit up in the air though I do have a Plan A and a Plan B for the future, let's hope there's no need for a Plan C. I do know that the past three years at University and living in Brighton for two years has definitely changed me for the better. I am still me but a little bit different; a little bit older, a little less shy, a little bit thinner, a lot happier, a lot weirder and hopefully a little bit smarter. Thank you Brighton for giving me three years that I will never forget.


  1. Congratulations on finishing uni hun :) lovely blog post! See you soon! xxx