16 Apr 2013

When I Finish University

This is not a post about what I'm going to do with my life. This is a post about what I'm going to do in the short term. A list things I'm looking forward to doing when there is no more essay writing, no more deadlines and no more stress. A short little list of the simple things I'm going to enjoy. Lots of people construct these lists at some point, in fact lecturers actually advise it. Well, one of mine has. So with a bit of dissertation stress in the early hours of the morning I'm going to write this if I can't write my dissertation. In no particular order, just in the order they come to me in my head. Come the middle of May 2013 I will start completing this list:

  1. Go on three holidays in Europe.
  2. Read all the Game of Thrones books.
  3. Watch the entire series of The Wire.
  4. Watch the entire series of Breaking Bad.
  5. Film, produce and edit at least one film.
  6. Learn and play an album of one of my favourite artists on guitar.
  7. Go to a random cheap gig of a band I've never heard of. 
  8. Behave like a tourist in London.
  9. Have a short break in England. 
  10. Splash out for the night and behave like money is no object.
  11. Watch the entire series of Only Fools and Horses. 
  12. Ride all the major roller-coasters at Alton Towers. 
  13. Go to the zoo.
  14. Watch the Godfather trilogy. 
  15. Play a full game of Monopoly till somebody wins. 
  16. Hold an all girls poker night. 
  17. Learn to play the harmonica. 
  18. Learn and play a compilation of songs of different genres on the piano. 
  19. Go to at least two comedy clubs in London. 
  20. Watch all pre 1970s Greek mythology films. 
  21. Read all the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy books. 
  22. Bake a selection of French delicacies.
  23. Run a 5km fun run.
  24. Read The Hobbit.
  25. Read The Lord of The Rings trilogy.
  26. Get my palm read. 
  27. Do and film the Harlem Shake.
  28. Swim in the English Sea.
  29. Complete Crash Bandicoot video games 1, 2 and 3.
  30. Add 500 songs to my iTunes library. 
  31. Draw a portrait of Raji.
  32. Paint a landscape picture. 
  33. Play Bingo. 
  34. Walk through a forest.
  35. Reveal a secret.
  36. Bake bread.
  37. Have a picnic in a park.
  38. Play tennis.
  39. Blog more.
  40. Take more pictures of everything. 
  41. Find and perfect my signature dish.
  42. Wear a bikini.
  43. Fill up my scrap book. 
  44. Go to Maze Maze with Skye.
  45. Play laser tag. 
  46. Go to the National Art Gallery. 
  47. Record a song.
  48. Start driving lessons.
  49. Watch the early seasons of E.R.
  50. See a show with Andy Bear. 


  1. no.50 is the best one :)

  2. Good because you're going to be a part of it!

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