27 Apr 2013

The Final Stretch

I am happy to announce that I have finished my dissertation! It's all over. Been free for over a week now and it feels wonderful :) The first two days after I gave it in were still filled with a little anxiety which I don't think could be helped. Probably due to the fact that I went from doing work 12 hours a day to 0. This meant a major catch up on sleep! Since handing in I've got my social lift back and have gone out with friends to celebrate handing it in! Also relaxed and caught up on a lot of TV! :)

I'm not going to say how I feel how it went because I really don't know. There was about five times when I thought I might be finished and then I edited it all over again! The stress, pressure, tiredness, 'fed upness' and wishing it was all over took over and I just wanted it in! Here are my collection of doodles from my time writing my dissertation.

With you're dissertation you can pick whatever you'd like to write about. This is because this is the major project of your degree, its worth 25% of your whole degree, requires a lot of research and 10,000 of your own words, you might as well write about something you're going to enjoy. I chose to analyse representations of women as powerful heroines in the television drama Dexter. Here are my reasons why:
  1. I want to work in TV.
  2. I love Dexter.
That pretty much sums it up. 

Looking back on it now, even though I don't have the result yet and I know how much I hated it at the time, I'm glad I wrote a dissertation. I feel like it was a big achievement to do a research project all the way from October until April. I feel like I know a lot more about feminism and notice how much we women still need it in today's society. I know my piece was only about feminist representations in television drama but you start to notice things across TV, other media and society in general. 

I think my writing has improved and I enjoyed writing the analysis section of my dissertation, which was my findings from analysing Dexter. Luckily we could go 10% over the word count and my overall word count was 10,895 and that was after being brutal and cutting out necessary faff. I could have written another few thousand. Since then my brain has shut down. It needs a rest and regenerate as its still got some work to do. I have about 3 weeks left at uni and at the end will have to hand in two 3000 word essays. Seems so small compared to 10,000 but I know I'll be complaining about it. They will be my last university assignments ever! It feels like its almost here and I feel like I'm already in holiday mode after handing in the dissertation. Really got to try and knuckle down, turn my brain back on for the last time and get writing!

This time next month I'll be finished and jetting off on holiday for a week in the Spanish sun including a lot of much needed rest and fun. As you've seen my summer list I've got a lot planned for when I finish and the summer months that follow. As well as trying to find a job but I'm not worrying about that yet. 

Call me naive, call me lazy but I want a little time before I give away my 'student' title and have to become a grown up.

10, 895 words, 61 pages and a lot of blood, sweat and tears.


  1. WOW, that seems like SO much work, congratulations on getting it done! You definitely deserve some down time!