10 Feb 2013

Theatre Land

I'm lucky enough to live fairly close to central London which means that I have access to all the wonderful things our capitol city has to offer. A magnificent thing about London, like New York, is the West End and Theatre Land. I have been twice within two weeks! How the other half live eh? ;) If only.

There were some offers going on for theatre tickets and we all know how much I love a bargain. So last Friday saw me at the The Playhouse Theatre seeing Spamalot. The musical is an adaptation of the comedy film Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975). I am a fan of the Monty Python comical geniuses thanks to my dad and our silly sense of humour. The musical was very good, it had me laughing in all the right places, some of the actors even laughing themselves which is always good to see. It was a great homage to the film and had its own great characteristics and add ons as well. The audience were of a slightly older generation; probably leaning towards my parents age but they all seemed to be enjoying it as well. I highly recommend the show even if you're not a Monty Python fan. If your sense of humour is British and slightly silly then you'll love this.

Today I saw Stomp and The Ambassadors Theatre. It was near Leicester Square which is home to China Town. As it was Chinese New Year today, Happy New Year, myself and my dear friend Raji had a little wonder there. I've always wanted to see Stomp. As I am a drummer anything involving beats and music entices me. I thought the show was good but like any drum solo, it shouldn't go on for too long because all in all drums are quite boring. It's true, I'm a drummer so I can admit that. I thought that all the music they made with the different utensils such as brooms, sinks, pipes, bins and good old fashioned pots and pans was really really good. Some parts of the show were actually really funny as well which I didn't expect. However I did start to get a little bit bored and sleepy I'm afraid. The show could have been a little shorter. I would definitely recommend it however I wouldn't see it again, once is enough for Stomp; once you've seen it once you've seen it. The actors/dancers/musicians, I'm not sure what you would call them really as they were kind of all three, were really talented and its pretty amazing what they can do with their bodies. Stomp is also the only show I've seen where I have thought "I want to be apart of that".

So that's what I've been up to. Not sure when I'll be off to the theatre again. Hopefully to see Viva Forever as I'm a huge Spice Girls fan.

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