18 Feb 2013

Happy Valentine's

I hope you all had a lovely and happy Valentine's Day. Although in truth it was just another Thursday. I'm a bit of a cynic when it comes to Valentine's Day. This is probably due to my many lonely years of being a singleton and the lack of letters and presents on this loved up day. Even being with someone for the second year in a row and actually being able to 'celebrate' it this year as I was away at university last year didn't make me feel any different. I say this with a bit of a hypocritical chip on my shoulder as I did in fact get a present this year.

I got a huge personalised cookie in the shape of a heart from my lovely boyfriend. I got this 6 days before Valentine's Day as this year Valentine's fell after the start of lent, Ash Wednesday 13th Feb. I always give up sweet things for lent, this year biscuits, chocolate and cake, so my boyfriend wanted me to be able to enjoy my sweet present in time :) I have to say although I gave a few cheeky comments about a present I really wasn't expecting one. When I got my surprise I was happy and giddy and to quote Andy my face was "lit up like a child's on Christmas morning". I couldn't help it, I love cookies and icing and presents and thought it was really very sweet. Yet I still rolled my eyes at the bustling card shops leading up to the big day and chastised the gift buying and overflowing restaurants. Of course I believe in love and affection and showing this to your partner, I just believe it's nicer to behave this way through out the year and not just on holidays. You shouldn't feel obliged to buy a gift but rather pick up something you see that you think that person will like and enjoy and surprise them, say in March, August, November, whatever the day you get my drift.

However as I said previously I am a hypocrite as I wished a few people Happy Valentine's Day, was excited about my present, sent a fun little text poem and spent the evening with my boyfriend watching movies. Maybe I'll get more into the spirit of things next year.


  1. mmmm looks delicious! I was in Paris on Valentine's day (with friends) which still makes me laugh, we didn't go too close to the Eiffel Tower on Thursday but can you imagine how many people were proposing that day?? I agree with what you say about feeling obliged to buy a gift for the sake of it!
    (I'm glas we're still keeping up our blogs hahaa) xxx

  2. im so failing on the 'keepin up the blog' this yr XD do apolgise, MUST KEEP BLOGGIN..anyhoo aww that looks a millies cookie cake? ;) nom nom. Totally agree with what your saying ild much prefer a surprise gift at a random day in the year or a weekend away XD. Nice to hear your voice in your words again sarah :) hope your okey! xxx