19 Jan 2013

January Blues

As hard as I have tried I've succumbed to the January Blues. Everything is back to normal and worse. I'm back at university but this time with deadlines, meaning I have to actually work for a change :(
This means that I can't really go out, which I guess is a good thing as I have no money and its really cold outside! We have snow! Snow used to be cool when we were at school, could have fun in the snow and you got a day off. Now, well luckily I still get the day off but I'm ill. Probably because of the cold crappy weather. I just got over a stinking cold from Christmas and now I'm back in many layers, under blankets, drinking litres of tea and coughing. However this time I have to do it whilst sitting in front of my mac, trying to write an essay. Which you can see I'm not doing as I'm talking to you :)

Anyone have any tips to get over the January Blues? I've eaten my weight in chocolate which hasn't helped as it just makes me feel sluggish and crappy. Which I can't work off as I can't exercise because I'm ill. Viscous cycle. Oh and my hair is fading, I'm not gonna be a redhead for much longer :(

Apologies, I'm suffering from cabin fever and the internet is my only friend. January isn't so bad.

Last weekend was quite fun. I went to a family birthday party. This sounds quite generic but it was a part of my family which I have never met before. As it turns out that side of the family hadn't seen much of each other in a while so it was sort of a family reunion. It was really interesting meeting people that were related to you. You don't really know how to feel as you; you feel like you should know them but they're strangers. I had fun though and got chatting to a distant cousin who I hadn't seen since he was about 8 and he's now 18. Amazing how different he looked I got a shock! It was really more for the benefit of my mum who hadn't seen them all in years. It was nice to her catching up with everyone and being nostalgic. Completely different side of my mum that I'm not used to seeing and I'd like to see it more. I also got to indulge in some Costco cake which was a-maz-ing! Numnumnum.

I hope this isn't the last we see of them for a while and that something comes up sooner for another get together.

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