6 Dec 2012

Trials and Tribulations of being a third year

My lack of blogging is appalling. I've been meaning to post for ages, just kept putting off then didn't have the time and here we are 3 months on with no posts. I apologise. As I am now in my third and final year of university I have a lot more work to do. This leaves me to juggle having a social life, actual work and then everything I need to do for uni. For those of you who know what a dissertation is, you'll know that is a lot.

I have still managed to have some fun times though the past three months which I should of told you about. From here on I will try my best to blog. Its the only time I write for enjoyment, not for assignments. Today I handed in my first big assignment of the year so far which was 15% of my dissertation. It's such a good feeling to have it done and out the way and I feel like I can relax a little bit.  I'm soon to be on my holidays next week and then it's Christmas :D

I promise you lots of winter adventures from now on :)

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