31 Dec 2012

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Christmas 2012 has been something else. For one, we survived! Doomsday 21st December came and went and we are still here :) I have had a lovely, quiet Christmas and going to have a not so quiet New Year I hope. I got spoiled completely rotten, ate way too much and didn't drink very much which is a tad shameful but I shall make up for it this evening.

I have to say that I think 2012 has been one of, if not the greatest year of my life. Lots has happened to me which I think has definitely changed me and shaped me for the future. I took big leaps into the job world and the media industry with my time as an intern/runner. Some small leaps at university and some bigger ones in such as speaking out in front of A LOT of parents completely unprepared and some more leaps the start of my third year, basically stepping up a gear. I am now half way through and  on the road to the finish line - eek! I haven't played enough games or read enough books (goodreads says 24, very shameful) Looking at my goals from the start of the year I realise I was a bit optimistic saying 75 books. I've watched far too much TV (mainly every episode of Greys Anatomy). I've been to the cinema a lot more which I like and would like to keep up. Some friendships have dwindled which is sad but I feel like I've strengthened my existing ones. They do say that as you get older you have fewer friends. I'm very happy with my friends and I'm very lucky to have such amazing, kind and funny people in my life. I still have the boyfriend and I hope to keep him. I've managed to lose and gain lose and gain this year but I am the fittest I've ever been and I'm very into exercise. I've gained more confidence from this I think which is a good thing. I've also gained a work voice! I realised I did it on the phone the other day on my lunch break! I must be growing up. Though I dyed my hair red and I'm into baking with the decorating skills of a child so you be the judge.

21 and looking forward to 2013. Next year could quite possibly be my biggest year yet! I'm scared.

All the best in 2013 dear followers and have a glorious New Year!

More adventures still to come :)


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