8 Dec 2012

London Luxury

Two weeks ago my aunt and uncle took me and my cousin on a spontaneous weekend away in London! On the Thursday before my aunt got in touch with me to see if I was free for a bit of a break and a winter adventure. Of course my answer was Yes, Yes, Yes!

I met everyone at Liverpool St. Station and then it was black cab ride (not a luxury for me as this is my family car) to St Paul's to The Grange Hotel. What a hotel! It's a modern building been there since 2009, clear glass panels through the centre of the hotel. Looked very swanky. We checked in a raced off to our rooms. I had a double all to myself!! Then off to the spa for a swim and a steam. 

After feeling very relaxed and refreshed in my luxurious shower, I hopped into the fluffy white bathrobe and danced around my room to the iPod speakers that were in the room. Turning it up loud I began to imagine the awesome hotel party you could have in this room as I got ready for our meal at the rainforest cafe.

After an evening of fine food and fine cocktails in the hotel bar, it was off to my ginormous bed, shutting the world away with my light tight curtains and blinds.

The next day was very cool waking up and seeing St Pauls. We checked out of the hotel, leaving our luggage behind to pick up later and had some breakfast at Cafe Rouge next to the hotel. Then a quick ride of the tube to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park.

I had a breif walk through the German fair last year but got to truly experience it this year. It was more vast, taking up more space in the park and had a lot more going on. Lots of rides, ice sculptures, market stools. I had a go on this very high swing. I usually love all rides but this was terrifying. I left my stomach on the ground as we soared up and up in circles. The due was admittedly spectacular but I felt far too out in the open in my little swing seat. It was also FREEZING. Think of how cold it is in the ground then imagine the temperature very high up, going in circles very fast! My uncle and I had tears streaming down our face! I was very glad to get down on the ground and rewarded myself with some fudge from one of the market stools for getting through the experience. They had some interesting flavours and thought I would try a bit of everything so I bought pistachio, marzipan, bailey's, smarties, chocolate and vanilla and good old plain vanilla.

To get warm and have a bit of a sit down we went into the Oktoberfest tent. Here we had some mulled wine, I had mulled wine with a shot of Ameretto which was very yummy, hot chocs and some German beer whilst listening to some classic hits, some German pop and Christmas tunes.

After this we went off to see the ice sculptures in The Magical Ice Kingdom. What they can do with a block of ice is really incredible! It was again so cold in there! They have to keep it a certain temperature so that the ice doesn't melt. We all had our pictures taken in the ice chariot but as it was us the photograph of course ran out of film. While he went off to get some more we had to sit in the carriage freezing our bums off!!

It was so cold in there that when we actually went outside afterwards it felt warm! We needed some more mulled wine!

After our time at Winter Wonderland we headed back to Cafe Rouge for some dinner and collected our luggage and it was off home. I had a wonderful time, it was lovely to be spoiled and pampered. Would definitely love to do it again! I also recommend Winter Wonderland.