8 Oct 2012

I've got the key to the door!

I've finally reached the ripe of old of 21! I can get house keys which I already have, drink and drive in America but not together obviously, get into any club in London, become a member of Parliament, adopt a child, supervise a learner driver except I can't actually drive and I can learn to drive a heavy goods vehicle. Yes 21 doesn't hold as good a stead at opening up doors as 18 does but it still is a big deal and feels pretty special.

As its a big thing I wanted to do make the most of it. I'm big on birthdays anyway so I really had to go the extra mile for this one. So the 1st of September, the day of my birth, was jam packed from start to finish. Waking up at 7am and going to bed in the early hours of the 2nd of September.

I woke up with the joyful happy feeling of my birthday, my day :) I went downstairs to find piles of presents. I only got to open a few as I would soon be leaving the house to go paint balling!

Paint balling was a lot of fun! There was only a group of 2 of us, my boyfriend and I who were put together with two other big groups to form the orange team! Btw our locker key was 21! How ironic!


A bunch of 30 year old males, us and a group of cod loving 15 year olds made the perfect team. We won most of our battles. I was the only girl and wasn't as good at paintball as I was against a bunch of girls my own age but I didn't do too badly. Only ever getting shot on the head which didn't count or getting shot but the paintballs not exploding meant I got to play nearly every game to the end. I only shot someone once or maybe twice if I was lucky but I had a good time which was the main thing.

The day went SO quickly and before you knew it it was time to go home. I had to race indoors into the shower and get myself pretty for my party. I didn't have enough time as guests started to arrive and I was still getting ready!

Welcoming everyone, taking food around, introducing friends and making groups of different people get along, making speeches and eating cake, opening more presents was a lot of fun and very tiring. By the time I got to sit down, all the champagne caught up with me and I spent the remaining hours of my birthday surrounded by my friends, listening to them chatting and laughing whilst I dozed on the shoulders of others.

I'd have love to of done it all again, spent a bit more time with everyone there, drunk a bit less but there just aren't enough hours in the day and too much drink. As I'm one of the first of my friends I now look forward to their celebrations so I can enjoy theres and witness them go through what I did and have to explain the rest of the evening to them ;) You're only 21 once!