23 Aug 2012

My attempts As A Baker

I cooked long before I baked. I can cook and I'm not a bad cook but didn't really hone my skills until I moved away to Brighton for university. However I've always tried to bake from an early age. I love my mums cooking, she's the best that I know. I know everyone says that but at all the party and events, out of our family and friends everyone says that my mum is the best, not only with taste and skill but always trying new things. However my mum has never really been into baking. Baking has always appealed to me because its always sweet things and I have a mighty sweet tooth! Without having a teacher its taking me a long time to get to a decent baking level. In the last year or so I've really taken to baking, attempting new things, some healthy some not at all, some working and some failing drastically. I thought I'd share some of my baking experiences of my summer :)

First is the baking sleepover I had with the infamous Raji :) Raji and her mum are amazing bakers and I truly aspire to be as good as them. Working together we created a concoction of goodies which should have last longer than the weekend but I couldn't help myself.

Apple Cinnamon Muffins
Some with a surprise inside
Present shaped cupcakes

Next round wasn't really baking but actually decorating. My aunt bought me a cupcake decorating class for me and a friend. Naturally I brought Raji along and we had a go at moulding icing and making some cool toppings.

With the skills I had learnt and a cheeky secret recipe that only us attendees got to see, I had a go at making my dad a birthday cake as apposed to buying one.

Doesn't look that good but was limited with time as we had a cake disaster early on. I did used fondant icing on the top though which I learnt how to do in the class. I'll have a go at some more fancy cupcakes soon, possibly for my birthday which is oh so soon ;)


  1. yummy.... i like the cakes... :)

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  3. looks like ur a pretty good baker. Do they taste as good as they look? I like to bake myself ... but, I'm not the greatest... just okay. Hopefully I'll improve!!

  4. Hey, those are some very nice looking cupcakes and cookies! I've been afraid to try the fondant myself, but someday I'm gonna go crazy with it!

    I'm having fun reading!

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