23 Aug 2012

Je Manque Pairs

I was delighted to go to Paris yet again! I love the city so much and couldn't wait to experience it properly after my short 24 hour stay there last year. As my best friend and I were turning 21 this year we thought we'd celebrate in style wandering around the beautiful scenery of Paris, soaking up the culture, trying to blend into the fashion and attempting to blend with the language too. I had a wonderful time even though the attempt of blending failed after most lines of broken French were followed by "Angalis?". I'm blaming my freckles. A total of 3 nights and 4 days in warm sunny July flew past in the blink of an eye. With soar feet and tired eyes I slept the train ride home dreaming of the wonderful experiences I had just encountered with my wonderful partner in crime. I feel like I really captured something of Paris this time. The first time with my school at 16 was more of a tourist affair and a fun 'we're away from home!' trip. The second time was too rushed and with too many people couldn't do everything that I wanted. I felt like this time, although hectic at times trying to fit in everything we wanted to do, was a chilled out affair with both of us going at our own pace; more meandering and taking the time to really enjoy ourselves on holiday. Some touristy bits alongside immersing ourselves in the culture was the perfect mix for me. I tried macaroons for the first time! They were lovely and from the finest bakers LadurĂ©e but trouble is now I've had the best nothing will compare. I can't wait to return some day but first would like to explore another city with my companion Raji :)

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