13 Jun 2012

To Do List

This year 2012 is a pretty special year. Not only national with Jubilee, Olympics and other things but personally. Lots of pretty great and wonderful things have happened and there is still lots to come. One quite important thing is my 21st birthday! I'm old!!! My dear friend Raji and I will both embark on this journey as her birthday is 46 days after mine. To commemorate this we decided to do something special and GO TO PARIS!!! :D

Not only is this a special trip for our birthdays but for the both of us! This is our first trip together! I would of loved my first holiday without my rents to be with this special person but it was not to be but it is now!! We're going to have a wicked time I'm so excited! It's also our trial run for when we live together.

We go in just over a month and there's so many things to get sorted. I thought I would make a list of things we need to do in order to get ready for Paris. This is not only essential for us but thought it could be helpful for my fellow followers who are maybe going to Paris one day or planning a trip in general. Some things are generic things to remember. Here goes in no particular order:

- Travel Insurance
- Plan the itinerary
- Change up money
- Buy Paris worthy clothes
- Buy Paris worthy shoes
- Practise speaking French
- Write down and remember essential phrases
- Watch The Hills episodes where they go to Paris
- Reread I heart Paris by Lindsey Kelk
- Prebook some tourist attractions
- Pack a plug adapter
- Charge my iPod
- Create holiday playlist
- Call the bank to tell them I'm going
- Pack a pharmacy
- Check the weather
- Warn my doctor I will be eating a lot of pastries and nutella
- Go to the gym

That's all I can think of right now. I'm sure I've missed some things out. We need to get cracking!

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