4 Jun 2012

Slam Dunk

My first festival ever. I've crossed that bridge. Only a day one. This suits me as I'm not into slumming it with a muddy tent. Sorry I know its all 'part of the experience' and 'great fun' but no ta. So last sunday in the sun I headed to Hatfield to the University of Hertfordshire for Slam Dunk festival. Very warm day so busted out shorts and vest (plus tee in the evening it got colllllddd). Everyone there dressed pretty much the same except Deanna and I of course. We're always different. Deanna described me as pop punk that day and I'm pretty happy with that look. We were very sensible and spent the majority of the day in the shade spending ridiculous amounts of money on drinks to keep hydrated. Did actually manage to catch a bit of a colour. Base coat to build up upon during the summer.

The festival was pretty good. Got there a bit late so ended up having to queue for an hour and a half! This meant we sadly missed Zebrahead and there wasn't a band we wanted to see for a couple of hours. So we hung around chatting and listening to random bands in the background. Actually managed to bump into a FFAF signing and got a signed poster and Matt signed my ticket:D Then the evening came and I got to see them perform for the 6th time now :) It was very strange seeing them in the sun in the open air, used to dark dingy gig smelling places. This is where the evening really kicked off musically. After spending hours doodling I was running between stages. As soon as FFAF finished I ran to Cartel, then to MC Lars then back to Cartel till they finished then onto MC Lars for the end of his set. Been wanting to see Cartel for years and they were really good.

MC Lars was cool too. Had listened to his stuff after Deanna introduced it to me but seeing him live was way better. Actually got to hang out with him before and after the show. He also signed my ticket :) His friend/collaborator D.J joined us too and we spent most of our time jamming with him. This was epic. Missed most of Taking Back Sunday but they were playing most of their new stuff. However when MakeDamnSure came on, their final song, D.J, Deanna and I all ran over and danced/jumped/mini moshed to the song whilst singing at the tops of our longs. A moment I will not forget.

Then to the after party where we managed to catch up with D.J again and danced the night away. Like to say both guys are absolutely lovely. They make time for their fans, have proper conversations and give out lots of hugs!

Deanna and I didn't make it home until 5am!! It was a long day but we had good fun. Might have to make this an annual thing.

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