26 Jun 2012

Derren Brown

Rather behind with my blogging. Not leading that much of an exciting life but working hard at the library so let's catch you up.

3 Weeks ago it was my boyfriends birthday. I love birthdays and he's not that keen on them so I wanted to show him how fun birthdays can be. Seeing as it was his 21st as well it had to be extra special. So I started planning back in April. I really am prepared. I stumbled across Derren Brown's Svengali tour tickets and thought that was the winner; he'd been before so knew he liked him, its something different and get to go out for your birthday and I also go to see Derren Brown too :p. Sold :)

So we trudged our way through the horrific rain that is the British summer and headed down to Southend to be wowed and mesmerised/hypnotised. The venue was really nice, I'd been once before but a very long time ago. The reason I picked Southend over London was because it was a) closer to his birthday and b) smaller/cheaper venue. I'm really glad I did too because it was so small in fact that even upstairs we had a really great view. He wasn't tiny and could actually see him and what was happening on stage really clearly. At dinner before, we were discussing what would happen if we got hypnotised or picked out at random for things as Derren Brown has a lot of audience interaction and Andy said "We won't get picked we're up the top" and what do you know the first couple picked out were in our row!! Luckily though we came away unscathed and very pleased with the show. I won't tell you what happened in case you go see it or are waiting for it to come on TV. It is really good though so watch out for it. Derren Brown definitely lived up to my expectations and it wasn't too much of a scary one which I was happy with. I definitely recommend!

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