13 Jun 2012

Arsenal Dream

Working at Arsenal certainly has its perks. Working there in itself is still pretty amazing for me as I love the club but there are brilliant extras that we get. The best extra ever came about the week after the season finsihed. We, the stewards, had our own little football tournament...on the Emirates pitch! To actually play on the pitch like the players do! I was sooooo excited and the experience didn't disappoint.

When I was 10 I was a Junior Gunner and I was actually picked out of a hat to be mascot for a Champions Leauge game at Highbury. One of the best experiences of my life. So now I can say that I've been on both Arsenal pitches! (For football fans out there who want to know it was September 27th 2001, Arsenal 2- 1 Lazio and Freddie Ljungberg scored both goals)

ignore the buck teeth

The day started with the men changing in the away dressing room and the women in the women's referee's changing room. Slightly disappointed us three ladies didn't get to see the real dressing room but I have seen it on the stadium tour. Then to go onto the pitch and warm up. My cousin plays football for a local women's team so I was able to borrow her shin pads and boots and look the part. No shorts for me though but didn't mind as I did lots of skidding!

White pitch marks!

I was part of the team called Thierry Henry so naturally we were going to do well. We came 3rd out of 8 teams which I think is pretty impressive. Had a wicked time.

Playing on the pitch was really great. First thought walking on there was that its HUGE. We were only playing across half of it as well and this knackered me! I dunno how those guys sprint across there every week. They really are super fit!

I played in defence so didn't score any goals but stopped a few which I think managed to give us a clean sheet for two games.

Hopefully get to do it again next year and maybe can put in some practise before then. Absolutely loved it and couldn't walk the next day!

The trophy, though we didn't win I got to have a quick hold :)

Me all rough after football :)