4 May 2012

Teenage Time

There's nothing much more I enjoy than live music, especially from bands I absolutely adore. This week was the beginning of my epic gig year. I am very lucky that my favourite bands have decided to come back to England all at the same time! Perhaps the looming doomsday in December? Who knows but I am very happy they have come back.

So sunday I went to see The Used and tuesday I saw Simple Plan. These are two bands that have got me through a lot of tough times. I first started listening to them when I was 14. I hated the world and they understood that perfectly. Although both have a similar take on life their music is very different so both gigs were very different. I enjoyed both immensely but if I have to pick I'm going to say I enjoyed The Used more. They're more hardcore and I just really relate to them. Simple Plan was fun, aside from getting pushed to the floor and fell on over David's (bassists) towel by some twenty-something hipsters.

As I was standing in the crowds at both gigs I couldn't actually believe I was seeing the band, like the first time I saw Green Day and Funeral For a Friend. Like all my dreams come true. Can't believe it took 6 years to see these two bands but at least I actually got to see them. Teenage Sarah was very happy.

I actually almost cried when The Used played The Taste of Ink. That's my favourite song and always found it relating so perfectly to my life. I had goosebumps, an electric current running through me, heat on my skin and tears in my eyes. One of those pivotal moments when you feel alive, understood and apart of something all at the same time. I love love love live music. There's still plenty to come too with Slam Dunk festival in about 3 weeks time where I will see yet more of my favourite bands. Then Nickelback in October! SO excited!

I don't usually take pictures at gigs, as I just like to enjoy the show and not constantly think about good picture moments but I got to the front and he put his hands down his pants so ya know ;)


  1. Ahh! so jealous! I love simple plan!

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  3. Aww cutie
    I'm glad you've been having fun

  4. Simple Plan <3 Love it, its weird I've been replaying The Bird and The Worm this week. Glad you had a good time.