19 Apr 2012

Lucid Dreaming

This is somewhat of a fascination of mine. I love dreams full stop and the chance and ability to control your dreams, I find rather awesome. It's for this reason I love the film Inception and the documentary on the bonus disc DVD just as much.

Last night I got the pleasure of a Lucid Dream. I couldn't sleep, probably because of my two hour nap earlier on in the evening. So I thought I'll just lie here and day dream. The day dream turned into a lucid dream. I believe that I experienced this process "a wake-initiated lucid dream occurs when the dreamer goes from a normal waking state directly into a dream state, with no apparent lapse in consciousness."(Wikipedia)

I was transported to dreams within dreams, just like Inception and must of had four layers, no exaggeration. I did the whole 'waking up in my dream but I'm still dreaming thing'. It was so awesome and felt SO REAL! Too real in fact that throughout the whole dream I kept telling my sidekick that I wanted to get out, this felt too real and I was begging someone to shoot my so that I would wake up (funnily enough the character holding the gun to me was Richard Webber of Grey's Anatomy, don't ask me why.) I was only asleep for about five hours but it honestly felt like at least twelve. That's what happens when you dream like this. You don't properly relax and sleep which is why you wake up unrested, as I did today. I honestly felt like I'd entered a parallel universe and didn't expect to wake up in my Brighton bed at all.

I do love it when this happens though and I only experience it a couple of times a year. I hope to have a very good, normal sleep tonight as I am rather tired after last nights adventures. Just thought I'd share my fascination and excitement with you. My housemates had to hear me ramble on about it for a good twenty minutes when I got back from uni and I didn't even get to what happened in my dreams.

I think its hard to initiate on purpose but I have seen a few things that say you can. Maybe have a go if you've never had a lucid dream?


  1. i'm fascinated by this too but I've never tried it!

  2. I've always wanted to try lucid dreaming! Lucky thing, want to hear all about it

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  4. It's really weird that i find a post on a random blog i was looking at about Lucid Dreaming. A little bit ago i was a big lucid dreaming kick because i read a book from the library here that was the main topic. It was called Dreamrider, but it was horribly written and extremely confusing at the end, i think the whole book was one big dream, anyways, after that i looked up a ton of stuff about lucid dreaming and tried to do it. Everything that i looked at said that first you had to get used to dreaming and find patterns in your dreams so that when you are dreaming, you'll realize it and be able to control it.
    Well, i was not about to set an alarm for two AM so that if i actually was dreaming that night i would wake up and remember the dream (for some reason, waking up in the middle of a dream is allegedly the only way to remember it)
    Then i had a dream and in the dream, i was trying to convince the people in my dream that we were in a dream, even though i actually couldn't control anything in the dream and the dream didn't even make sense.
    Okay, this was a big complicated comment just to convince you that this is a coincidence.
    PS: I love the name of your URL. I live in my PJ's.