1 Apr 2012


When you get freebies don't you find you enjoy them so much more than if you paid? Like for instance some free sample food or free tickets to a gig? Well that's what I luckily got on thursday. One of my oldest dear friends Steph has a very cool job at a music auditing company. They do accounts for big artists. She loves her job and comes with some good perks. A perk came up this Thursday when she was handed some free concert tickets to see Matt Cardle. Matt won the X Factor back in 2010. Problem with winning the X Factor is artists often get forgotten as they disappear for a while. Sometime artists that don't win but were in the live shows do better. I digress. Stephanie and I trotted along down to the Hammersmith Apollo Thursday night. Had a couple of drinks in the pub before as we weren't fans so no rush to get in there. Strolled up to the circle which was where our seats were. Our seats were quite good in the dead centre so had a rather good view. We caught the end of the supporting act which was a bit of a shame as she seemed pretty good. Roxanne Emry was her name, pop rocky singer songwriter type if you fancy checking her out. Then time for Matt.

I have to say it was a very different experience going to a concert where you're not a big fan of the artist and don't know any of the songs. I really enjoyed it though and I would definitely do it again given the chance if the tickets were reasonable, or of course I'll accept another freebie.

Matt Cardle put on a good show. I enjoyed his performance and would now download his album. He's a very talented artist and he writes all his songs. Before her performed each track he would give us a little backstory as to why he wrote the song and what it was about. I thought that was really nice as it brought the audience in, making it more intimate; even if it was at a pretty big venue.

The turn out wasn't too good if I'm honest as there were a lot of empty seats. But as I said it is a big venue as he is a brand new artist so maybe it was a bit optimistic that he would fill it? He didn't seem to notice though and looked like he was having a fab time up there. I liked him on X Factor, he's a lovely guy and it felt good to be there supporting him that night on his first tour.

So the moral of this I would say if you can afford it and the tickets are cheap, go to a random gig. Live music is terrific and can really change your mind about a certain artist or type of music. It was a good night :)

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