19 Mar 2012


Believe it or not I used to do kickboxing. I only did it for six months but it was something I really enjoyed. It's such great exercise, gets you really fit and is a lot of fun. When I was 17 I took it up and just as I was starting to get really fit I fell down the stairs and tore ligaments in my ankle. This messed me up exercise wise for a long time. I couldn't run until my second round of physio therapy last year. My physio was confident I could go back to kickboxing and to contact her if I had any problems. I was still quite scared to take it up, so much so, it's been a year since I was discharged and I only just went last week.

I researched some places in Brighton for kickboxing, comparing price and distance. I finally decided to go to RBK Martial Arts last monday. I decided to be all fit and healthy and walk there. Took half an hour and I sped up at the end as was worried about being late. It takes place in a tiny little primary school.

When I first arrived I wasn't sure how to get in. Instead of turning left, which I should of done, I turned right and went down some stairs to the side entrance of the school. All the doors were locked and it was all dark. I thought I could hear people talking and decided to call out 'Hello' in a very faint, shy way. No answer but I could definitely hear coughing and a mans voice. Worry started to set in. I looked around my surroundings and saw that I was in a dark, cold place, surrounding by tower block flats. I realised that this was usually how British crime dramas or gangster films start: lonely young girl on council estate ends up.... I looked up and finally found the voice coming from a man smoking out of an upstairs window, thought this is not for me and made my way back round to the front of the school where there was lots of light.

I was really disappointed as I'd been looking forward to it all day. I decided to try turning left instead and what do you know, the gym was right in front of me! No darkly lit pathways but door ajar with a small patch of light creeping out.

I walked in to see a group of five or six grown tall men stretching. Quite daunting. I walked to the back and said in the most sheepish voice imaginable 'I'm here for kickboxing?'. The guy who runs it is partially deaf so you can imagine how well our conversation went with me being all shy.

The guy was really nice though. He's a small skinny fighter but he's really good and can kick so high! I was the only girl there and possibly the youngest. One other young boy and the rest were tall grown men. I was also the most unfit :/ Obviously. Only six of us in total and two trainers. The warm up was intense! Recently been going to boxercise at uni and thought that was bad enough. It will be good for me though. When it came to the actual kickboxing I could remember some things but definitely need to be refreshed. They do a mixture of thai, kickboxing, chinese boxing and self defense. It was a lot of fun and we even got to have a go with some blunt knives for self defence. That was different!

Although initially reserved, at the end of the session everyone was saying to me 'See you next week' which made me happy. Thought I'd wake up in pain tuesday morning but luckily all good! Did have and still do have some pretty nice bruises on my legs and arms but I'll just have to toughen up.

Annoyingly as its the easter holidays I'll only be going one more time and its around three weeks till I come back.  Even more annoying is that fact that I may not even make tomorrow! After epic St Paddy's Day celebrations I woke up with a pain in my side this morning. It really really hurts and think it was from getting shoved when dancing by a crazy drunk man. Never fear, the heat rub is here and I've put a ton of that on it. Now for a hot steaming shower to mimic the effects of a bath and I should hopefully make it tomorrow night. Must must must do my work beforehand though as my breakdown this evening has thrown my work schedule out of whack. Eugh. Anyways. Writing this has reminded me that I am still yet to tell you my wonderful story of falling down the stairs which resulted in the ankle injury and opened my emotional flood gates. I shall definitely do that when I've finished my essays. Until then... :)


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