11 Mar 2012

Brighton visitor

I've been very lucky recently to have two of my have people pop down to see me. As you know my boyfriend came before but last weekend I had the pleasure of having Raji come stay. Only been trying to get her down here since I moved and was very very pleased she joined me for the weekend. It was nice showing her around my lil life here; showing her around my uni, the seafront, the lanes.

We did some very touristy things, things I hadn't done yet. As a resident you don't really do the tourist things people expect you to have done. Same with living in London; I have so many things on my doorstep but I don't go out and do them.

Friday night I took Raji to eat at the infamous Pompoko; Brighton's answer to Wagamamas. I go on about this place all the time back home so hope the food didn't disappoint. Then to a night of comedy at komedia, my favourite night time place in Brighton. Never been on a friday night and there is definitely a different kind of crowd; mainly rowdy stag parties. We had a good line up with lots of laughs and some cocktails too :)

Saturday we started off with some lunch in an American diner I've been meaning to investigate for a while. They have mountain dew so it was immediately my new favourite place.

We walked off our lunch with a traditional walk along the seafront then onto the pier. It had started off drizzly but got very sunny so decided to make the most of the weather and go on the brighton wheel. The wheel came along in october so its still relatively new.

It cost us £8 for three goes around. Well I say three as that's what we were supposed to get but for some reason we had a fourth turn; not complaining. Its not a bad ride, aside from the fact that its very very very rocky. We were quite scared the first couple of goes round. It looks nice from up there but unlike the London Eye where there are lots of things to see up there, all Brighton has is the pier, the sea and lots of houses. Unfortunately didn't see France from up there. Very coupley ride as everyone on there was having romantic crying moments in their capsules whilst Raji and I listened to Steve Coogan's commentary and trying not to die.

Then we went off to complete one of the things on our new years to do list. Originally we wanted our palms read but everywhere that did it was closed so we settled to get our tarot cards read. We went to a little tavern type thing on the pier to a man that had been doing it for 23 years. We were both really scared but had nothing to worry about. It was quite a fun experience. I was trying desperately hard not to laugh and sometimes jus' couldn't hold it in, especially when he said I was a stubborn, independent perfectionist.

The man was very general and I don't think he really told me anything I didn't already know. Would get it done again though and we still want our palms read.

After fun pier times it was off to the lanes and to Choccywoccydoodah's. Raji's been going on about this place since I moved to Brighton and I was very happy to be able to take her here and see her wish fulfilled. She bought some chocolate goodies in the shop then to the cafe to que for an hour and a half for some scrumptious hot chocolate. It was worth the wait except that we had so much chocolately things in there that we started to feel very sickly. Btw this doesn't go against my lent :) Well, I'm not counting it.

As we were out all day we spent the evening indoors having girly chats with my housemates. Then a commute home together on the sunday where I had an early mother's day with my mum :) All in all a great weekend.


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