6 Feb 2012

A Quick Pitstop

To let you all know whats happening with me :) Also so I can get this down before I forget. When something happens that I want to blog about, if I don't blog it write away, I forget a lot of the details.

So here I am. Last week of placement and I'm pretty happy. I'm happy to be finishing. I've seriously missed student life and I have had a major wake up call for what it's like in the working world. I've badly missed Brighton as the last time I was there was Thursday 8th December! Crazyyyy!

Initially I didn't enjoy this placement that much but I've gotten used to it. I've gotten in a routine and my sleeping schedule is on track; so much so I've lost the ability to sleep in at weekends :( I'm used to being asked to nip out for things like coffees, milk, food, lightbulbs and taking the post.

The main thing I can take from this experience is the conversations that I have had with people and from this I have learned so much. I know it may be true in some cases that people within the media industry are not very nice and don't have time for you. However that couldn't be farther from the truth for me. The people I have worked with have been lovely. Initially I and they were reserved and it took a few days to get to know people and for them to introduce themselves. This can make you feel pretty lost and a bit alone. All it takes is one person to step out, be lovely and say 'Hello my name is...'. I hope to be one of these people in life from now on. You don't realise how much better you'll make someone feel by just welcoming them with a simple 'Hello' whether it be in a work place, at university, even a party? There are some people in life who are simply nice. Remember that on a bleak, miserable day.

Sorry I digress. The people have been really lovely to me and as much as I did have some fun at Kudos I have to say I think I have really enjoyed ZigZag. I don't think it has to do with the fact that its my last week and I have a more positive attitude. It was around Wednesday last week that I actually started to enjoy placement properly; to not rush out of the building come clocking out time, to not count down the days until the weekend, to not watch the clock all day. I think this has a lot to do with the post-production department. You know the lovely person I mentioned earlier? Well this department is full of them. They all have a laugh, a joke, a conversation every now and then and it makes a really nice working atmosphere. I've been itching to get into post production ever since the start of placement. I even had dreams where I would go and see the editors whilst I was at kudos but I never got the chance.

I guess my sub-concious was giving me hints. If that wasn't enough,  then the fact that I've pretty much tolerated every other department and clock watched was surely a hint enough.

So, the main thing I can take from this placement is:
I think I want to be an editor.

Which everyone knew apart from me? But isn't that always the case?

I'll give you the 411 when I have the time as this has already taken me too long and kept me away from the tele :)

I shall leave you with a quote from the head of post-production today. We were talking about nutella and I said "I eat it out the jar" to which he replied "Oh me too. I don't have time for pancakes and what not. I eat it straight out the jar". This made me so happy that not only do weird 20 something girls eat nutella by the bucketload but also 6 ft middle aged Croatian men (Y)

Nutella for everyone :)


  1. I enjoyed the bit about just being nice, made me ponder.
    lol yeah I thought you'd always planned on being an editor or journalist and lol loved the random nutella anecdote thrown in there :)

  2. Just realised that your blog lacks the picturesque radiance of your face. Stick on a display picture!