28 Feb 2012

Happy Days

I'm in a pretty great mood and I'm going to share it all with you :) Aren't I nice?

Following pancake day is the start of lent. This year I have decided to give up Chocolate (for the 4th time), Crisps (for the 2nd time), Sweets, Biscuits, Cake...most things sweet really. It's been a week tomorrow and so far so good! I was craving sweet things today but I've just had more fruit and some hot chocolate (Options hot chocolate is allowed, only 40 calories a cup). This has put me in a good mood as I'm feeling healthier. Not so much physically but mentally in what I'm eating. Yay me!

I've been stressing out about my placement assessment these last two weeks. I had to do a critical analysis and presentation on my four week placement, which is all I've talked about these last few weeks. Out of all the 80 or so people on my course, I was picked to present and hand in my analysis the very first day. I don't think this is fair as some people have weeks to do what I did in two. However I am very very happy to of been first as I'm so relieved. It's all done now. Listening to people stressing over it today at uni made me feel very smug. 

Another reason I am happy is that I got to see my boyfriend over the weekend. Still feels funny using the term 'boyfriend' but can't quite think of a better thing to call him. He's never seen Brighton before so it was nice to show him this town I call my second home. It was a lovely weekend full of sunshine (actual literal sunshine, I'm not being mushy) and movies. Finally saw One For The Money, the Stephanie Plum adaptation that I've only been waiting about two years to see. As book movies go it wasn't actually too bad though I may need to see it again.There were a few bits significantly off but I think that may be because it was a 12A. The main character Stephanie wasn't quite how she is in the book but I think the men were on the money. See what I did there? 

Annoyingly his visit was cut short as I had heaps to do sunday in preparation for my work due monday. Hopefully he'll come down soon and experience a bit more of Brighton, a ploy of mine as an excuse so he can visit again :)

saw this when he was about to leave, thought it was cute so sue me

Happiness reason number 4 is my discovery of a band called Third Eye Blind. I know I'm behind the times but I did know some of their songs, without knowing it was them. Whilst with my friends in Komedia on thursday their song was playing through the speakers. I didn't know it was their song though; to me, it was my mystery song. A song I loved but didn't know the name or artist behind it. I'd gone on about this song the last time we were in Komedia, singing along to the doo doos asking over and over again "What is this song?!". When I heard it this time I proclaimed to my friends "It's that song again!" but we all still didn't know what it was. 

After a wonderful night of comedy from The Noise Next Door, I came home to Mr Mac determined to find it. I typed into Google "90s song with do do do, do do do dooo" and managed to find it from a yahoo answer (I love those things). I couldn't believe my luck. I listened to it over and over and decided to check out Third Eye Blind and download their greatest hits. I listened to them all weekend whilst working on my placement assignment. I love them. I've had this album on repeat and may have to download all their albums. Meeting Andy at the station with Semi-Charmed Life playing through my iPod felt like a scene in a movie. I urge you all to listen! 


  1. Your happiness makes me happy, glad you've gotten all your work done and out of the way. We need to watch One For The Money together at some point In Time. Same I know the odd song without really knowing who they were.

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