14 Feb 2012

Brighton Bound

Yesterday I moved back to Brighton. It had been exactly two months since I left. I have missed it quite a lot. The main thing really is people rather than actual university life and the town of Brighton itself. I missed my housemates and the fun we would have living together. I missed my course mates, catching up during lecture breaks and nights out together.

It feels slightly weird to be back because it was just so long. Not only that but the fact that I have been working full time for a month as well, its strange going back into a student timetable. Apart of me welcomes this with open arms and I can't wait for my first day off tomorrow which will involve my bed and I with lots of TV. Another part of me however doesn't feel like going to lectures again and I was actually starting to get into the swing of the working world. I really enjoyed my time at my second placement and really didn't want to leave. It wasn't until I was chatting to one of the editors on friday that I realised this when he asked me "You don't want to leave do you?" and I responded with a very remorseful "No". I said it reflexively without thinking and heard how emotional that no was and it really reflected how I felt. However I could end up there again someday maybe. They have my CV. Fingers Crossed.

So I'm now in Brighton with all my bits and bobs around the room. Still not found a place for everything yet and we have a house viewing at 11 tomorrow morning. The people will have to deal with me in my pjs and a messy room I'm afraid. I've also acquired a university hoodie. I've been meaning to get one since I started and whilst at home they had an online sale of them. I only saved £5 but it is something and at least I finally have one.

I also bought some trainers yesterday. Went to go food shopping and stopped by the Reebok outlet next to it as they had a sale on. I only paid £10 for these beauties! Housemates said they're retro like Back To The Future which makes me love them even more. 


  1. Yay, welcome to the jumper crew, we should totes rock it when we're out together. The reminded me of back to the future as well.

  2. I want one! Those trainers are amazing
    I'm so excited to come see brightonnnn <3

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