12 Feb 2012

Baby it's cold outside

This week saw the big freeze of 2012. We finally saw snow for the first time this winter. The first time it hit I just stayed in with my cuddle buddy and watched it from the warm. Second time however I was out enjoying the falling flakes. Managed to be in China Town for the main event and it was very pretty. Sat inside munching roasted duck whilst the snow fell fast and then we went out to enjoy the snowy atmosphere.

As if this wasn't nice enough, when Raji and I arrived home on the train we were welcomed back home to a sea of white. It was so romantic and beautiful its such a shame it wasn't Christmas or that we were a couple. We did our best to be the 'cutest non-couple ever' though. 

We may not be a couple but I'd say we're probably the best couple of best friends ever :)


  1. you two are my fave couple right after Beyonce & Jay-z & bradgelina

  2. You guys are too cute, love the snow in chinizzle town

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