15 Dec 2011

Got that Christmas feeling?

It's December! Oh my Gosh!

I know I'm a little late in posting this as its already the 15th of December but hey, I still can't believe it. This years gone so quick! 2011 is almost over and Christmas is nearly here!

Even though it may not completely feel like Christmas yet, I've certainly dived into the Christmas festivities. I've already had two, yes Two, Christmas dinners and even opened some early presents.

It all started on the 4th of December when I celebrated Christmas in Brighton. This was a very early celebration yes but there are justifiable reasons behind it. This was the last weekend I would be in Brighton as I was working on the 10th and being the traditionalists that we are, we wanted our roast dinner to be on a Sunday. So on the 4th December 2011 it was Christmas Day at Team Bevendean!

My housemate Meinas came into my room in the morning like an excited little child to wish me a Merry Christmas. We then spent the day cleaning and sprucing up the house, wrapping our secret santa presents. I then got ready, wearing red and green for the occasion and we started preparing dinner.

Whilst cooking dinner we had my exceptional Christmas playlist on my iPod which really got us in the mood. Although Leah and I cooked most of the dinner, it was a real team effort and we actually had a system going on in our little kitchen. With the few hours we had spare whilst everything was cooking, Dave and I made some fake snow and decorated the room.

It was then time for Secret Santa! Can you believe we managed to keep it hidden for a good month! Last year in halls my flat mates and I kept it secret for about half an hour!

I was very pleased with my present and got exactly what I wanted from my wonderful fellow virgo Meinas! A Rob Pattinson calendar and Paris Hilton's new perfume was just what I needed :)

Then pop the champers all over the floor, dish up and you've got Christmas dinner!  It was yummy :)

Then Love Actually on a very full stomach and that concluded Christmas number one!

Christmas number two was last weekend!

Saturday was Christmas drinks at work which were really fun. After the match we went out to the local pub and I got to have a proper chat with everyone for a change. It was my first ever Christmas event/outing for work. They really made me feel like part of the team and I had a really good time. Looking forward to end of the season drinks now!

Sunday was the annual Christmas exchange with our family friends. This is always fun as I get an early Christmas present bag as well as presents to open on Christmas day! Not only this but another Christmas dinner! I had a good catch up and giggle with one of my oldest friends, who I call my cousin as we grew up together and I think we should really make more of an effort to see each other outside this family do's.

Everyone got very merry and quite emotional as its been a tough year. People can forget that Christmas can be a sad time, especially when you think about the people that should be there.

Now it'll be a week to the real Christmas on Saturday! Crazy huh? It's actually a week to Christmas Eve tomorrow, which I kind of prefer. All the Christmas films, programmes and songs all happen on Christmas Eve. It's the anticipation and excitement for the next day that make it great! I'll actually be working Christmas Eve, feeling excited all day, hoping Santa will bring me what I want :)

&& What do I want for Christmas?
*cue Mariah Carey*

Some snow would be nice.

I actually can't decide but if I'm good hopefully I'll get lucky :)

Merry Christmas!


  1. Cool! Look at all the fun you're having and Christmas isn't even here yet. By the way, thanks for stopping by my blog.

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  3. Yeah Ikr how did it get to december so quickly.
    Loving the fake snow, and 2 xmas dins already? Im jealous. Place looks wicked and your hair looks tre cool :)