12 Nov 2011

The Noise Next Door

Last night my course mates Skye, Natalie, her housemate Jo and I went to a comedy gig at Komedia. Natalie and Skye had both seen The Noise Next Door perform at Edinburgh fringe festival and insisted we go when they were on in Brighton. Having not seen them before I was slightly apprehensive but trusted their judgment and opted to go along for the show.

It was in the proper performance part upstairs. Never been upstairs before, usually always in the basement for 'Krater' the weekly comedy set. Upstairs is huge! We got there early so got some seats at the front. We ordered some food and watched as the group went around the room taking pictures of people. We were really intrigued and waited with bated breath as they came near us but they never asked for our picture :( However as Skye and I went to the toilet we stumbled across one of the group, the 'Red Tie' to be precise. (They all have different colour ties which they associate themselves with you see) Skye shouted a quick compliment of "You were really good in Edinburgh!" as we passed him and he shouted "Woh fleeting compliment!" and now we had his attention he chatted to us. Skye spoke about Edinburgh and then 'White Tie' came up to us and said "Have you taken part in our competition?" and then explained that they had a 'Who can pull the ugliest face' compeition going on and that was why they were taking pictures. We took part with Skye pulling a monkey face and me with a cross eyed 'grrr' face. They then had to rush off to get ready to perform but not too fast for me to take a picture of them with Skye.

Time for the show and what can I say...they were Hilarious! I was really surprised at how good they were. You see their whole set is improvisation. They call on the audience to pick out random words and they shape their performance around this. They opened the show with a song shaped around words the audience shouted out which ended up as: a song set in a Brothel in Madagascar, which was run by the Pope who employed JLS. It was very very very funny and very very very clever. How they can pull lyrics out of their head, rhyme and make it funny is brilliant. Not to mention how well they can sing and pull harmonies out of thin air! The rest of the show was a mixture between song improvisations and sketch improvisations with again, input from the crowd. They also had two guest comedians which performed their own set and then joined in with The Noise Next Door afterwards. They also featured a joke game, similar to that of Mock the week where they would try to tell jokes about a particular topic and make the audience laugh. To choose the topic they required two audience members to volunteer. We volunteered Natalie. I don't think she was too happy with this at first but eventually forgave us.

I thoroughly enjoyed the show and would very much like to see them again. As its improvisation as well you know you wouldn't get two shows the same. Also got to chat to the guys afterwards. When I told my housemate this he said "Of course you did"which made me laugh. He does have a point though, I do seem to be meeting people lately. These guys were really nice guys though, from Brighton and they were happy to chat. Did I mention that Red, White and especially Purple tie were pretty attractive? 


Also got chatting to one of their guest comedians. He made a joke about Romford and how he used to work in Primark. I mentioned to him that I live near Romford to which he replied "Unlucky". He's actually Scottish but married someone from Romford. He asked whereabouts I lived asking whether it was "Ilford, Dagenham?" and I told him Chadwell Heath. He responded with "Ah thats alright. Chadwell Heath is the area in the middle. It goes shit, shit, ah this is not so bad, shit, shit" I laughed because this is so true. When we got a picture with him he put his glasses on and I could not see for shit! Worst glasses I've put on ever! Everything was fuzzzz.

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