12 Nov 2011

New Music

I've acquired some new albums this week. I seem to get all new music in bulk. The new albums I've been listening to are:

Kelly Clarkson 

Fave songs 
"You can't win"

Deaf Havana 
Fools And Worthless Liars

"I'm A Bore, Mostly"
"The Past Six Years"

Ed Sheeran 

"Give Me Love"
"Lego House"

Avril Lavigne 
Goodbye Lullaby

"Wish You Were Here"

All really really really good. I heard a couple of songs from pretty much each album but I always like to get the whole album than just the odd single. They're all really good. You know when you get an album and you literally like every song on it? Yeah, thats what I have with All of them. I've always been a fan of Kelly Clarkson and she has not disappointed this time around. Deaf Havana I'm adding to my list of good bands. There was a lot of hype about Ed Sheeran but I hadn't really paid attention to it. He strangely featured in one of my dreams last week out of the blue and thought why don't I listen to him? He's really really talented and I can understand the hype. I was reluctant to listen to Avril Lavigne's album as her single 'What The Hell' just seemed like a bit of a sell out single to me (mainly due to the video.) But like 'Girlfriend' it has won me round. The album is also really good. Good ol' Avril.

My housemate Leah is the only person I know with the same taste in music as me. She has the widest range of music in her iTunes like me. I'm sorry to sound bigheaded and such but I really don't know anyone else who likes as much different stuff as we do. I know people say "Oh I listen to everything" but we really do. I said this to my flatmates in halls last year and they said the same thing but they didn't really mean it. If I would play something, they either wouldn't like it or be really surprised of the tracks that would come on when my iPod was on shuffle. The only thing I don't really like is some hardcore gangster rap, hardcore screamo (like throughout the whole song) and dub step (though I can tolerate some like Chase and Status.)

To broaden our music horizons me and my housemate have swapped some music. Well I've mainly acquired stuff from her to be honest but I do need to give her some albums too. From the swap I am now a fan of A Day To Remember  believe it or not) All Time Low, Black Veil Brides, Four Year Strong, Jessie J, Justin Beiber and I now have every album Simple Plan ever made. We love Simple Plan. I'm also starting to warm You Me At Six (only the new album). Bring on more new music!


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  2. Truly the blogging is spreading its wings rapidly.

  3. Hello is one of my favourites on the new album, i listen to a range of music too!
    In fact give me a list of random artist cause all my music is currently annoying me.
    Oyvey, YM@6.

  4. But agreed on hardcore screamo the whole way through. What's the point of even having lyrics?

  5. I know exactly what you mean by listening to every kind of music (but not like baseline or rap stuff :( ) and people say the same but they honestly don't, I have all kings of genres on my itunes