2 Nov 2011

Halloween :)

This is definitely one of my favourite times of year. I jus' love dressing up. I also suit the goth look and definitely missed my calling.

This year as Halloween fell on a monday it let us have a whole weekend of celebrations. Saturday night I went over to Yasmin's house with Mala for some gothic nightmare fun. We dressed up, took some piccies, ate Halloween goodies and watched Scott Pilgrim vs The World as Yasmin was dressed up as Ramona Flowers. Mala was Slater and I was a pirate but ended up as Robert Smith from The Cure (an improvement). Here's some piccies taken on Yasmin's masterful camera.

Then on the Sunday went to a FFAF gig and my hair got cut :) (separate blog post to follow)

Monday saw me traipsing round the shops looking for a red and white stripy top. Would you believe couldn't find one anywhere! Managed to get a jumper and red and white tights for my dead Where's Wally Costume. (As I was commuting back to Brighton this day I missed the Zombie march through town! That would of been awesome.) My housemates and I watched Casper, ate some Halloween treats and then off out I went to get all dolled or 'deaded' up for our night out in BTown. 

Lots of fake blood, talcum powder and hair spray!

My friend Natalie as the Death Card
Awesome outfit

Can you believe this was my first night out in Brighton since the start of second year! 

My friend Jo. Can you believe we only live a couple miles away from each other back home!

Was a good night. Had a wristband to go into three clubs but only did two. The second one (which I think everyone finished their night in) was completely rammed! Stayed in there for half an hour but was so hot so left nice and merry and back home back half two. 

So that was my halloween. Hopefully won't have to wait a whole year till we can dress up again.


  1. Loved the dead wheres wally, and cyant wait to see your new hairstyle.

  2. Interesting disguise. A card;)
    I greet.