4 Nov 2011

Funeral For a Friend...Again

Twice in one year! I don't see them for a few years and then I'm lucky enough to get two doses of them!
This time was in the ripe old rock 'n' roll town of Camden. Been a few years since I was here for a gig. Actually the last time was FFAF when I was 16! I was supposed to see them in Camden when I was 17 but missed the chance as I was ill.

The venue wasn't the greatest so we hung right at the back whilst the support bands were on. FFAF tend to have crappy supports but I think its so they appear all the more awesome when they perform. Deanna and I  actually looked pretty emo sitting at the back on the floor twirling our hair looking like we completely didn't care. To be honest we are old school FFAF fans, what more do you expect :) I've been thinking more and more recently how 'emo' I used to be. Haven't been able to get this song out of my head.

(I was never like this I assure you)

Anyhoo back to FFAF. They came on and we still stood at the back because at the front in the Roundhouse you can't see a thing. We were more to the side this time so not too far from the band and we still head banged/jumped and things so we had a blast. FFAF were incredible as always. Last night of the tour so I think Matt (lead singer) was a bit emotional 'cos he was talking a lot. What he was talking about made a lot of sense and touched on the reasons of why I got into Funeral For a Friend, how they speak to me and why I love them. What he was saying actually gave me goosebumps.

Its amazing that this is the fourth time I've been to see FFAF and I still get excited when they play. Every time they played one of my favourite songs I would scream or jump up and hit Deanna and say "Ahh I love this song!" which she of course knows as I've done the exact same thing to her at other gigs. It just goes to show you that some music will always have a place in your heart and bands that are special to you will never cease to excite and entertain you.

When they finished they walked off and came to this railing section that was right near us. I wished we rushed over there straight away but I didn't think that they would stay and hang around. However the FFAF guys are lovely and Matt and Richard (lead singer and bassist) came over to the railing to say a few hellos. I was determined to get a picture with Richard as I missed out on one in April. I was braver this time too and said "Hey Richard can I have a picture?" all smiley and very cool. He said "Yes, of course" and put his wonderful massive guns around me and I stretched my arm around his very muscly back (did I mention he's incredibly fit!!) I said "Thanks" and "You guys were really awesome" and he shook my hand :D I then wiped this hand all over Deanna's face so she wasn't left out :)

As I was walking away with Deanna I realised my hands were shaking, not so calm and cool after all. I went to look at the picture and I noticed it didn't take!! My camera phone can be temperamental you see and I was gutted but Deanna said just ask for another one. The bouncers were trying to clear us out quick but I ran over and said to Richard in a damsel in distress kind of way "The picture didn't take!! Something went wrong! Can I have another one please" to which he said "Sure!" see how lovely he is!! So this is the one that got taken in the end. (It looks a bit cut off as some other fan decided to put himself in the picture and lick Richards face. Yes, strange boy, so I've got rid of him.)

Pretty dodge one of me but oh well. Knowing me the first picture was probably amazing. At least I got a picture. Its funny how thats happened both times I met FFAF members; the camera fucking up for the first picture and me, reluctantly wrapping my arms around my idols :p

I also forgot guys that I went to the gig with my new hair cut :) && root touch up lol I'm trying to go lighter brown but got to be done in stages otherwise I'll have like weird orange hair. You can kind of see my new hair in the FFAF picture but that is at the end of a gig so not the best example. This is ma new dooo all done up nicely:

ignore the face

&& also I got my second ear piercing 4 weeks ago which means only 2 weeks until I can take them out. What do you think?

Tis the same on both sides. Although I think they look a bit uneven but I guess that's kind of cool?

I went with the beautiful Raji who got three on the rim of her right ear. I had to be brave and watch and reassure her but it was pretty scary but obviously worse for her.

This picture btw is taken in my new room in Brighton which I am yet to show you. I've been accumulating certain bits to make it that much more personal and its almost ready to show you!

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  1. " I then wiped this hand all over Deanna's face so she wasn't left out :)" Actually creased.