28 Nov 2011

The Darkness

Another gig post! This time it was The Darkness at the Hammersmith Apollo. In all my adolescent years of going to gigs I'd never actually been to this venue before (well I have for comedy but that was seated upstairs.)

I was impressed with the venue. I wasn't as big as I thought it would be. It looks bigger on TV. It was a nice size downstairs and very similar to O2 academy in Brixton; one of my favourite venues. I was really surprised by the crowd at the gig. Most crowds are usually split quite evenly with the ratio of men and women, about 50/50. This gig however was 70/30 men and women and about 50% of the men were around my dads age. I quite liked it as it felt like I was at an old rockers gig.

I went with my usual gig buddy Deanna. We went out for dinner at Yo Sushi at Westfields then went on to Hammersmith. We missed the first support act and caught about a song of the second. They weren't very good so we decided to gossip in the toilets and catch up on what had been happening in each others lives until they finished.

The Darkness came on around quarter past 9 after the crowd were warmed up singing along to 'The Boys Are Back In Town' by Thin Lizzy over the stereo. Then the lights went down and the show began.

And what a show.

It was a really really good gig. One of the best I've been to. Despite the fact we had some tall people in front of us for the majority (this is what happens when there are too many men at a gig) we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We were quite near the front but farther back enough to see the whole stage and have a good view. They really got the crowd going and the lights, the fire and fireworks were spectacular. They played the classics that everyone loved and even some new songs on their new album coming out next year. As its nearly December they also played their Christmas song with red and green lighting and fake snow!

Then it was the encore and something amazing happened.

Brian May came on stage and played with The Darkness! Yes, the legend lead guitarist from Queen rocked out with The Darkness and those of us lucky enough to be at the Hammersmith Apollo that night. I couldn't believe it, I felt so honoured to be able to witness and hear him play live on stage. He played with them for three songs and then it was time for The Darkness to close the show.

During their last song Justin Hawkins (the lead singer) hopped on to the shoulders of two bouncers and played guitar through the crowd. I thought it was so cool and instantly envied everyone lucky enough to be near him. Then he started coming to our side of the room and I said to Deanna "Be ready to run". However, just as I said this, he changed direction and was heading directly for us! I didn't know what to do! Take pictures? Scream? I stood motionless until he reached us.

Then it happened.

I went mad. Turned into such a fan girl. Something in my brain switched and all I could do in that moment was touch him. He was wearing a very glam rock outfit. Silver, shinny spandex, covering his legs and a thin strap over his shoulders with some frilly black feathery bits on the side; exposing his chest and back.

I ran my hands all over him. Starting from his nipple and down to his hip bone. I couldn't get enough of him and just kept rubbing my hands up and down, feeling his bare skin and the frilly feathers beneath my fingertips. He continued past me, onto Deanna and she had her feel. Realising I still had time for one last touch, I made the most of it and slapped his arse.

Me and Deanna watched as he moved further away from us, jaws completely dropped. It took a mili second for it to sink in and then we turned to each other and jumped up and down with glee. We then rubbed our hands all over our faces and ourselves so Justin left his mark, hugged, high fived, then hugged again.

We left the venue exhilarated that we had not only seen a brilliant come back show from The Darkness but also had the pleasure of seeing Brian May and molesting Justin Hawkins. I've never touched a celebrity like that before and probably never will. Sod having a picture with him, I wouldn't of been able to do what I did if I had.

As the show finished Justin Hawkins said to tell our friends that The Darkness are back and here I am telling you all. I can't wait for the tour of the new album :)


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