20 Nov 2011

Breaking Dawn: Part 1

I've actually been a rubbish Twihard this year. With the previous films I was following updates on all stages of production, counting down until the film was released, listening to the soundtrack weeks before. I don't know whether its because I've not been in the Twilight bubble for a while or whether I've been busy with uni and other things but I hadn't done any of those things this year leading up to the film. In some respects this was quite nice as everything was a nice surprise and I could enjoy the film for what it was without any preconceptions. I am gutted though that I missed the premier and it was in my back yard! Although I may not have been as manic leading up to the film, I sure was excited when it came to making our way to the cinema.

Like any Twihard I had my tickets pre booked for the midnight showing. Kitted out in Team Edward tee. Back Row. Middle. Sorted. Alongside my fellow die hard Twihard and best friend Raji :) We've been to all the films together. Its a tradition now. One that will sadly end next July with the last film :(

We spent the whole day together catching up in London town. (I was back home for reading week) Then off to Twilight at 11. We actually screamed walking to the train station when it sunk in we were actually going to see Twilight on the screen. When we took our seats in A17 and 18 the magic began. As the trailers kicked off I text everyone interested in Twilight and the haters about where I was and put it on most social media forms. Then the magic happened.

The film was epic. I know I always get swept away by the magic that my favourite books are being played out in front of me and love them no matter what the first time I see it. However I do genuinely think this is the best film. I was a bit sceptical about it being in two parts and thought they were just copying Harry Potter and trying to rinse as much money as they could. It is good that its in two parts though as its not rushed and a lot of detail from the book is still included. The long awaited Sex is pretty good too. RPattz looked very hot! I don't want to reveal too much (though the trailer does that already) so I'll leave it there. We left the cinema at 2am being the first people to see it ever (well we beat the Americans to it anyway).

I headed back to Brighton the next day and then watched it again with my anxious housemates. Twice in 24 hours. It was so worth it. I'll be seeing it again at least one more time with my mum as I got her into Twilight and we've been to all the films together. So I shall leave you on a happy note that it was amazing and I cannot wait for the next instalment! Team Edward!

p.s. I bought this t-shirt before they were ever in the UK. Shipped it all the way from the USA. 
Thats a Twihard :)


  1. I can never decide if i like The Twilights or not. Obvs i loved the books but im always on the fence about the movies. Sometimes i love it and sometimes i hate, but i think i mostly just love to hate it if that makes sense. Damn you've got a lot of people to go watch it with, you'll be quoting lines in no time ;)

    Love the top btw.

  2. What a cutie :)
    I really think this one is the best too, had such a great day

  3. I love your shirt. I am also a HUGE Twilight fan. I haven't seen the movie yet but I'm going tonight... finally. I'm sooooo excited that on my blog, I posted about it, too. Have a great weekend.